Why Barbados Public Workers is in the News Again

In recent weeks there has been noise in the traditional and social media space triggered by concerns coming out of the largest credit union in Barbados. It is no secret the blogmaster in the not too recent past registered concerns about how some matters were being managed at Barbados Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union (BPWCCUL) and subsidiaries, specifically CAPITA Financial

It says a lot about the current state of member relations at BPWCCUL a few vocal members felt driven to share concerns in the public space. The blogmaster must admit a lot of the concerns are steeped in ignorance. Several of the few voicing concerns readily admitted to not having attended AGMs or having read relevant laws and rules governing how members should interact with the credit union it owns. For the purpose of this intervention the blogmaster will ignore those prominent persons from other credit unions seeking to ‘exploit’.

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Is the Chief Justice Marston Gibson IMPOTENT?

Submitted by PUDRYR

Well it finally had to happen and CHIEF JUSTICE MARSTON GIBSON’s known competencies, or renown incompetencies had to come to the surface or, as bajans say, “day has run, till night catch it”. Here is the matter in a nutshell.

The City of Bridgetown Credit Union made a qualified loan to Mr. Morris Lee and some family members. They were all members in good standing with the credit union BUT FATE WOULD HAVE IT, because a certain CEO, had his eye on Lee’s properties, it is purported that he directed THAT THE SECURITIES FOR THE LOANS were to be (a) Lee’s Minibuses, (b) a house and land, (c) and apartment building  and (d) ½ acre of land all valued at roughly $5.2M which was TWICE THE AMOUNT OF THE LOAN secured.

But what is really disturbing is that “the assets that were used to collateralize the loan”, WERE NOT THE PROPERTY OF THE MEMBERS WHICH THE CREDIT UNION GAVE THE LOANS TO. Yes sireeeee, Steve Belle and his ingrunt CoB lawyers, securitized the man loan with assets of private companies!

Now let me explain to wunna people cause wunna is not idjits how this works. The CoB can lend money to its members, AS WELL AS “bodies corporate”. BUT THESE BODIES CORPORATE have to become members of the Credit union. IN LEE’s CASE, THIS STEP WAS NEVER DONE so what happened was that while there were 4 companies involved in the loan transaction, Lee’s bus company and 3 real estate companies, NOT ONE WAS MADE A MEMBER! Well once wunna understand the above backstory, wunna is up to speed with all the background CoB trickery in this matter.

Now let us deal with the incompetence of CHIEF JUSTICE MARSTON. It would appear that the Chief Justice HAS BEEN MAKING SOME REAL BIG INGRUNT MISTAKES.

Illegal Orders to repossess the incorrectly listed assets of the 4 non credut union companies, were given to the court by Court Master Debra Holder. She did not listen to TO THE EVIDENCE PROVIDED BY MR. LEE who told her that CoB had not properly securitized the loans.

One further detail for all readers. Wunna remember a man called Ernest Jackman, the lawyer who always getting lock up for client funds? He was Lee’s lawyer and he was doing some of his famous underhand tricks but we will return to that.

So now, when the illegal order gets executed on the assets THAT WERE NOT LEGALLY SECURED, Steve Belle CEO of CoB, gives instruction to get the various assets repossessed. These  included 6 buses and 2 SUVs which Steve claimed “were all inoperable at the time of repossession” ALL OF THEM!

Now here is another joke. Even though the bailiffs drove these vehicles away from the bus stands, WITH POLICE ESCORTS, (and wunna dun know that the Royal Barbados Police Force does only arrest poor black people cause Tasker still free and Innes she still free) Steve say that they were inoperable cause he can auction them off cheap. Lee approached the impotent CJ for an approval for the injunction concerning CoB Credit Union cases CV993/2016 and CV994/2016 to be heard as an urgent matter. And the CJ so orders an urgent hearing on 15th March 2019

The same impotent CJ Marston sends the matter to Dr. Sonia Richards and she refuses to hear it and returns the item to the CJ, without explanation. Even though he is Chief Justice what has happened over the last 4 months, is that all his instructions to 2 judges, to hear the matter on an Injunction with Urgency have been ignored by his subordinates.

By now, all of you readers can see why this submission has the word IMPOTENT because the CJ is so ineffectual that HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT OTHER STEPS HE CAN TAKE IN THIS MATTER. The man is really just “winging it”. It is obvious there is no respect for this man and if MARSTON IS TO BE FIRED, THIS MATTER SHOULD BE THE INCIDENT THAT CUASES THIS TO HAPPEN.

Chief Justice Marston Gibson IS A POOH POOH MAN!

Wunna all unnerstan whu happen so far?

  1. In simple terms City of Bridgetown did not securitize their loans properly to their loan recipients.
  2. They gave loans but the security DID NOT BELONG TO DE PEOPLE THEY GAVE THE LOANS TO.
  3. The assets belonged to 4 non member companies.
  4. When Justice Debra Holder gave CoB the Court Order she erred in that action big time!
  5. Lee and his family rightfully sought to appeal said incorrect Court Order
  6. The CHIEF JUSTICE agreed that his matter had merit for urgent consideration
  7. Marston’s subordinates refused to carry out his instructions for 4 months
  8. During this time, Steve Belle and the City of Bridgetown is using its agents, the Royal Barbados Police Force, the Court Marshalls, the external lawyers, to ride roughshod over Mr. Lee

None of you will believe this but Steve Belle, CEO of CoB, up on the trucks dat are now repossessing properties that ARE NOT THEIRS UNDER THE LAWS OF BARBADOS and taking people’s contents to the St Thomas landfill.

Yes siree, Steve Belle got a bolt cutters and drilling machine and drilling out people locks WHILE PROTECTED BY THE COURT MARSHALLS who say dat “Marston is a boy in de yard and that “they are acting upon an authority that is higher than he!” Which has to be Attorney General, or the Governor General, or the Prime Minister.

Look what Barbados has come to – the criminals are killing us in the streets and the other criminals are killing us through the Court.

City of Bridgetown Upbraided!

A City of Bridgetown member expresses disgust!

I’m informing you to the fact that I take offense to your ad on health and nutrition in Barbados Today page 4. This ad features photos of blueberries and strawberries. These fruits are extra-regional while we have local fruits such as Avocado, Soursop, Bajan Cherry etc which are just as if not more nutritious than any fruit from outside the region. Why couldn’t these form part of the promotion? This is but one of the reasons why we cannot get our people to eat locally produced food and why our food import bill is sky high (in excess of $600 million). You need to be more responsible in the future.

A Credit Union Bank, Good Idea?

Consultant Sir Courtney Blackman (right) and credit union executive Hally Haynes – photo credit: Nation

He said that only one CEO of a Credit Union disagreed totally. “Another CEO was enthusiastic about the initiative, which he considered vital to the growth and development of the Movement,” he said.

Barbados Advocate – 5/28/2012

There is a saying that the devil is always in the detail. Last week former Governor of the Central Bank Courtney Blackman – contracted to do a study – gave his support to the idea of the credit unions in Barbados owning a commercial bank. It was instructive to listen to the former Governor at a press conference last week flanked by Hally Haynes from the Barbados Credit Union League. He gave his support to the idea. Truth be told there was no mention of the business plan – if any exist – and what are the ‘money’ considerations. He referenced feedback from credit union members or what the marketers refer to as qualitative information. In his words,  “The large majority of Credit Union members interviewed supported in principle, the establishment of a Bank by the League, but several expressed various reservations”. It is positive that credit union members are supportive, buyin is obviously needed from the membership to move forward.

Of concern to BU is the revelation by Blackman that one credit union is not supporting of the idea. The Barbados Advocate article quotes Blackman, “… only one CEO of a Credit Union disagreed totally. “Another CEO was enthusiastic about the initiative, which he considered vital to the growth and development of the Movement”. After investigating the matter the credit union opposing the idea was identified in the Business Authority as the City of Bridgetown (COB). Using deductive reasoning it is not hard to conclude that the other credit union enthusiastic about the idea is Barbados Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union (BPWCCU). The recommendation afterall is for Capita to be transformed into a bank.

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