Addicted to Chefette (Fast food)


Pro-Shottas Soccer School proudly displays the sign on the gate of the BET Sports Club.

The battle to win the taste buds of our youth has gone into high gear. Our society has reached the point where convenience is being given priority above eating healthy by a modern day Barbadian. Bear in mind the national health budget is over 700 million and per capita ranks as the third highest in the Caribbean.

If we accept that the health of a nation is the wealth of a nation then we should be very concerned about what 2010 research has revealed about the incidence of obesity in our youth population.

  • Over 30% in the 9 to10 age group are obese/overweight
  • 12% had high blood pressure

One does not have to be a medical practitioner to know that obese individuals are vulnerable to many types of health risks e.g. hypertension and heart disease, respiratory disease and of course the big D (Diabetes). They they are the non-medical issues which have to be managed as well read low esteem, signalization etc.

Parents are responsible for the upbringing of our children. Marketeers also know that purchasing decisions of adults are influenced or in this case manipulated by targeting the message at children. The image above is one example where a popular football school in Barbados that recruits young boys and girls has been able to attract sponsorship from fast food Chefette restaurant and all that comes with it. A visit to many primary schools will also reveal the Chefette brand printed on exercise books, pencils, book covers all done with the objective to keep the Chefette brand top of the young minds.

The fast food experience has become so embedded in decision making that a trip to Chefette restaurant has become threaded in our lifestyle. In recent weeks Barbadians have witnessed ministers of government featured at ribbon cutting ceremonies at the opening of Burger King and Chefette restaurants.   What message is our leaders sending? Our leaders publicly support the littering of fast food restaurants across the landscape of Barbados and at the same time struggle with executing policy to promote behavioural change in the citizenry. The BU household is not saying that fast food restaurants are to be blamed solely for the bad food being ingested by our youth. However, the question must be asked what is being done to counter the aggressive messaging of fast food restaurants.

Burger King and Chefette fast food restaurants are headed by Bizzy Williams and the Haloute family. The influence of big business or well off individuals on government will be difficult to counter. Government is in the business of promoting economic activity. Also as political parties contributions to the campaign coffers are welcomed from individuals and businesses like Bizzy and Chefette restaurant.

Is it too late to save improve the health of our children and in the process the wealth of the nation?

Man Turn On De Stove!

Posted by Rosemary Parkinson on BU blog – Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? – reposted because of its relevance

Have just returned from The Bahamas where I delivered a presentation on the future of culinary tourism…so I was very pleased to see all the above comments re food except for alien’s own. Sir or Madam – this is a blog about food not about sexual food but real food, the kind one puts into one’s stomach through the mouth – how black and white sex gets into here is beyond me…but I guess some minds just are able to turn everything into a barrage against whites because of historical facts whether they were good, bad or ugly (and they were all but it is past and these sexual unions have produced a wonderful colourful people of all hues, some who eat healthy food and others that open their mouths and immediately show what their stomachs are filled with so that the brain is never in gear with today’s life but seems to have been left to fry in the dirty oil of history. Whilst we should not forget, we should be happy we are now gorgeous Caribbean people with great soul food, and turn our thoughts positively about that! To each his own sadness I guess.)

Yes! Fast Food is not cheap. Yes! Fast food is unhealthy. This cry has been going out now for a very long time. But the fast food business is booming and will continue to do so because we are a lazy lot. And yes! what we do not realize is that Fast Food is also ‘addictive’. And yes! Fast Food can cause us to spend more with the doctor (they are happy…has anyone seen a poor doctor ’bout hey?).

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BU's Top Post July 2007

As you would expect Barbadians love to read and discuss when prominent people in our society fall from their pinnacle. To write about the Roy Morris story was very difficult because of what he represented, however at BU we try to write about what we know to be factual. Our observation over the short life of BU confirms the view that people are drawn to stories which involve sex, injustice, violence or “tieffing”. Our top post for July smashed the previous record of visits and views by a single topic by over 300% and achieved top post ranking on WordPress which hosts over 1.2 million blogs.


To think that July 2007 is not finished yet!

People have been reading the story from all over the world. We have said before that people who continue to underestimate the power of the blogosphere and the Internet, as an alternative medium by which to move information will get a rude awaking very soon.

A worthy mention is the piece which recorded second most popular on BU for July 2007. It highlighted the unprofessional way in which Chefette Restaurant treated a young Barbadian when she found a worm in her purchase.


Top Posts


  1. The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper
  2. Chefette Restaurant Needs To Be More Customer Friendly

Looks Like "Big Business" Is Joining Ranks Against The Chefette Victim~A Case For The Minister Of Consumer Affairs Senator Lynette Eastmond To Intervene!

Sick Companies |

Would you believe that the young lady that send out this email is about to be fire for sending this from her work email address. Yes xxxxxxx B’dos Ltd is in the process of firing the girl. Is this sick or what, but I am not surprise they don’t care about their employees so why would they care if one of their employees eat a worm.

The comment was posted on BU late last night. It would certainly be a travesty of justice if this brave young lady who was mistreated by the Chefette Restaurant management would end-up being a victim. To be honest we cannot comprehend why her workplace would even want to consider the option to discipline the young lady. Even if she sent the email from her workplace, so what? It was a constructive act designed to communicate a horrible experience. We might add that it could all have been avoided if the management of Chefette Restaurant would have been more sympathetic.

So where do we go from here.

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Chefette Restaurant Continues To Profit Because Of The Stupidity Of Successive Governments

No room for airport vendors


THE OPENING of Chefette Restaurant’s 14th fast food branch at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) has signalled the end of a booming food-selling trade for six vendors operating out of vans.

Nation: Read More

Ok folks BU pissed this morning!

How did Chefette get the privilege position of opening a fast food outlet at the choice location at Barney’s spanking new airport facility? Why should BU be pissed you ask? Chefette employs hundreds of Barbadians so we should be happy right?__WRONG. Chefette like BS&T and many other Barbadian companies have refused over the years to spread wings and expand into a world that encourages expansion. Damn, even Red Castle out of T&T tried to make it in Barbados. Instead they travel the easy road and in the process the “poor black man” languishes by the roadside.

Man BU  just want to scream!
Again we ask what was the process of tendering that saw Chefette being approved to operate at the GAIA? To be honest I would have preferred to see Kentucky Fried Chicken! This is another example of our government propping-up an obsolete system which is suppressing the entrepreneurs in this country.