Not Black Enough

Shades of Herr Hitler who eradicated people for not being white enough, not to forget the KKK in the States and various white supremacist movements all over the world. And also, to some extent, the Jihadists. Unbelievable in this day and age. Henry Ford of motor car fame is quoted as saying that history was bunk. Mankind seems determined not to learn the lessons that history has taught us.  – (BU).

Woman ‘fired for not being black enough’


Rachel Brothers

A biracial woman has won an $10,200 payout after she was fired from her job at the Black Educators Association (BEA) in Nova Scotia, Canada because she ‘wasn’t black …

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Canadian Government Continues to Hunt for Tax-Avoiders

Submitted by Not Taken
Canadian government has Cameco in its sights for $800 million

Canadian government has Cameco in its sights for $800 million – Photo credit: The Globe and Mail

Yet another interesting (scary for Barbados) article – Cameco’s $800-million tax battle. I have been sending these recent articles  as a public service so the Minister of Finance (MOF) and Governor of the Central Bank have a heads up on the attack on Canadian tax evaders/avoiders that is undoubtedly about to hit the Barbados offshore industry; if in fact it has not already hit – but unreported.

This is very bad news for Barbados revenue sources. While the Cameco case involves its Swiss subsidiary, it is probably just the tip of the iceberg in CRA’s efforts to collect taxes due to Canada. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of  Canadaco (Barbados) Limited businesses doing the same same transfer pricing schemes (scams) in order to pay 2% income tax to Barbados, rather than 27% to Canada.

Even those Canadian companies not not already being audited for this this type of tax “management” may decide for close up shop in Barbados to avoid the publicity that a CRA audit will bring.

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Eugene Melnyk Puts the Squeeze On Barbados Underground

Eugene Melnyk - Photo credit:

Eugene Melnyk – Photo credit:

On the 6 December 2012, BU received a letter from Ontario counsel Mr Sean Campbell of the law firm DAVIES WARD PHILLIPS & VINEBERG which advised they are acting on behalf of Eugene Melnyk as follows:

Dear Sirs/Mesdames:

We are counsel for Eugene Melnyk.

It has come to our attention that Barbados Underground is disseminating information that is false and defamatory and that this is causing substantial damage to Mr. Melnyk’s business interests and reputation. Without limitation, Barbados Underground is disseminating an article entitled “Senators-owner Eugene Melnyk & Founder Of Biovail Charged With Fraud”, dated March 24, 2008 and comments related to that article. A copy of the article and comments are enclosed. Among other things, the article and certain comments falsely allege that Mr. Melnyk has been charged by regulators in Canada with accounting fraud. This allegation is manifestly false and defamatory. Mr. Melnyk has never been charged by any Canadian regulatory authority with fraud.

Our client considers this matter to be very serious. We have been instructed by Mr. Melnyk to demand that you immediately remove the above referenced article and related comments from your website. We further demand that you cease and desist from making or disseminating any further false or defamatory statements concerning Mr. Melnyk and from any other conduct that is damaging to Mr. Melnyk’s business interests or reputation. In the event that you fail to comply with this demand, legal proceedings will be initiated against you and any other involved parties without further notice.

Please contact me in the event that you wish to discuss this matter.

This letter is written under reserve of all our client’s rights and recourses.

Yours very truly,

Sean Campbell

BU has responded as follows:

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Naughty EMERA

Reproduced from the Halifax Co-op

By Miles Howe - Photo: Ginger Me

It would appear as though there is significant upheaval occurring on the island of Grand Bahama, and once again, Emera, the Nova Scotia-based power company, is in the thick of it. Following an island-wide blackout yesterday, which rumour initially ascribed to “industrial unrest” (but which a Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) press release blames on damage to the transmission line), today the Commonwealth Electrical Workers Union (CEWU) voted overwhelmingly to strike against the GBPC. 89 of 111 members were in attendance for this afternoon’s strike vote, and 88 voted to strike.

The CEWU’s bone of contention with Emera-owned GBPC is, according to union president Leslie Lightbourne, the wrongful firing of an individual with 40 years of service with the power company. Lightbourne notes that the individual was terminated for spilling one barrel of oil, at a market value, at time of spillage, of $179 US.

“Our contract…calls for a verbal warning…and after that, three written [warnings]. They didn’t follow that guideline, they just fired the guy outright.” says Lightbourne. “Now if you put a $179 value on oil…that you can suck up and use again…I mean, come on now. That don’t warrant firing somebody with 40 years service. This guy is 60.”

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Canadian EMERA Controls Key Strategic Asset Of Barbados

New Managing Director, Mark King of Barbados Light & Power Company

Many Barbadians are still fuming at the decision by the government of Barbados to sell part of its 21% holdings in Light & Power Holdings (L&PH) to Canadian company EMERA. Many Barbadians are still fuming at the ruling by the Fair Trading Commission of Barbados to approve Barbados Light and Power’s application for a 10% return on rate base. The deed is done but it does not stop some of us from remaining vigilant.

The decision to allow a strategic asset like the Barbados Light & Power Company to become almost 100% owned by EMERA remains a concern for BU. It is noteworthy a similar acquisition occurred in Bahamas in November 2011 but unlike Barbados citizens of Bahamas have decided to become proactive in light of a deterioration in the quality of service since the acquisition of Grand Bahamas Power Company. The regulatory framework in the Bahamas appears to be a little different to  Barbados’s which should not detract from our concerns.

BU hopes to join with others in the coming weeks to probe the integrity of decision making by EMERA. If we are to judge by the reports posted by Miles Howe of the Halifax Media Group there is an opportunity for Barbadian consumers to demand answers to a few questions.

Here is the opening paragraph from another article posted by Miles Howe:

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