Alma Parris School Shutdown

Ronald Jones, Minister of Education

The following comment was posted on another blog by Simple Simon in response to a question from BU about the sudden closure of Alma Parris, a school that was established to serve special needs children. Is there a need for such a school in Barbados? – Barbados Underground

@David June 29, 2017 at 10:49 AM “An impassioned interrogation by Cynthia Forde of the Ministry of Education on the talk show today, why was the Alma Parris School at Speightstown closed without proper disclosure?”

You can be sure that the Ministry of Education would not dare to close Harrison College, or Lord forbid Combermere School unless there was first extensive consultation with “stakeholders”

According to M.P. Cynthia Forde on Brasstacks on Thursday, the teachers and the principal were informed about the school’s closure after 2 p.m. on Monday. It seems that the students were informed on Tuesday morning, and that the parents like the rest of us heard about the school’s closure on VOB’s 12:30 p.m. news on Tuesday afternoon. This is not good enough.

Was this a hasty decision? When did the Chief Education Officer first hear of the closure? When did the School Board hear? When did Cabinet hear? Was the Chief Education Officer consulted about the closure? Or was she simply told? Was the School’s Board consulted about the closure or was the Board simply informed? Was Cabinet consulted about about the closure or was Cabinet presented with the Cabinet paper regarding the school’s closure only at their Thursday morning meeting?

Is the school’s closure a part of the Ministry of Education’s clumsy attempts to deal with declining enrolment because of declining birth rates? And if so why Alma Parris? Is it not true that the parents of Alma Parris students have more that done their patriotic duty by producing more than the average number of children unlike those demographically unpatriotic parents who have produced a single child for Combermere or Harrison College.

This school’s closure means that these special needs students will be separated from their peers, siblings, cousins etc. come September. Changing schools is stressful for even the best of students, for these students the change will be even more stressful, and will increase the likelihood that these students will withdraw from school.

The truth is that when it comes to special needs students we never treat them as well as we treat the “bright’ ones.

A society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable “mene, mene, tekel, upharsin (Daniel 5:25)”

We will be weighed in the balance and found wanting.

The Other Side from Alma Parris

Submitted by Bood Sam (unedited)
Pedro Shepherd, Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT)

Pedro Shepherd, Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT)

Pedro is part of the indiscipline at Alma. He and he left hand men went to de school one day and keep the teachers near half hour after the lunch time. Dah is how the children get unruly without supervision. Shame on you Pedro.

De trained teacher wid de degree in English who ain’t want to teach English should give back the money  because she is paid for qualification. This is wastage MOF or she in competemnt?

The woman in de board office advertise wha she want although the principal gi she the right ting. Now dah ganging upon de principal because he take a position on principle. Ask de Ministry if dah true?

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Mum Wants Answers, Mum Got Answers

Submitted by Jay Arthurs

The Mother – Nation

Now that it has been proven that the student did steal the boom box:-

  1. Is Ms.Whittaker going to the Nation and having them print a back page for Thursday as an apology to the Principal?
  2. Is the officer at the Ministry who advised Ms.Whittaker going to call her and advise her to go to the Nation and have an apology written?
  3. Who is going to pay for the destruction of the Principal’s reputation?
  4. What is the Ministry saying now that the truth is out that Darron’s witness verified that it was Darron who took the boom-box? Is it going to tie the Principal’s hand behind his back and flog him?

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