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Coronavirus Back Story – Why Barbados is NOT Banning Travel from Affected Areas

The Editor Barbados Underground Barbados, W.I Dear Sir/Madam There was an article in your newspaper of 3 .February 2020 entitled: “Barbados not rushing to ban travellers from China.” The same message was also aired on radio. Mention was made about the statistical likelihood of an outbreak locally being under two percent. There was even mention of the fact that since

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Deadly Diesel

Have you ever driven behind a bus or some other diesel powered vehicle that was belching black smoke? I would expect that more than nine chances out of ten the answer is “Yes”. Over the years there has been a mild and intermittent lobby against pollution from vehicles that has never really gotten off the ground. However, the news coming

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“The Blood Passover”: The Meat-Market of Human Life Through the Harvesting and Trafficking of Body Parts – Where the Axis of Ritual Evil Meets Commodification

Submitted by Terence Blackett And God breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul – Genesis 2:7 It is being acknowledged that in almost every country in the world there is a body-parts broker or a syndicate of persons who deal in the underground movement of human meat. Especially so in 3rd World countries and

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