Warrens Roundabout – Politicians Must Listen to Citizens


Why do politicians ignore feedback?

The BU household vividly recalls the period during which the Greenland Landfill debate was a hot topic. Despite the sensible feedback offered by Barbadians the government of the day forged ahead with the project and today we are saddled with the result –millions of tax dollars wasted.

Former Minster of Transport and Works John Boyce has come out in defense of the work Government has done to improve traffic congestion in the Greater Warrens, St Michael, area – (Barbados Today 11 February 2014)

In 2014 after the government constructed the Warrens (oblong) roundabout circa 2012 there was an avalanche of criticism about the project and a flood of feedback was offered to the ministry by the public. One does not have to be an expert or consultant to determine that the Warrens roundabout was poorly designed based on the number of accidents and near misses that occur weekly.

How on earth can the authorities permit traffic to cross two lanes to enter the Simpsons complex when exiting from the West? How does one allow traffic to cross two lanes of traffic to enter the Warrens gas station when exiting the roundabout from the East?

Barbadians were pleased however to hear Minister Michael Lashley address the concerns of Barbadians when he finally admitted last week that the Warrens roundabout will undergo remedial work.  Millions of dollars later what was obvious to ordinary Barbadians from the initial construction will be addressed.

No doubt a few will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Drivers Beware At Darcy Scott Roundabout!

Warrens area continues to be a concern to motorists

Barbadians who have reason to use the Darcy Scott Roundabout in Warrens do so with some trepidation. Although accidents have decreased in recent days, the number of times road markings have been changed by the Ministry of Transport suggests that it is a trial by error exercise.

Here is the most recent communication issued by Mike Williams, Communications Consultant to C.O. Williams Construction, the contractor responsible for the road works.

The takeaway from the communications issued by Mike Williams is to expect more changes at Warrens.

Drivers Beware!

D’Arcy Scott (Warrens) Roundabout Up Close


Click image to see most recent explanation how to use the roundabout

Concern about the use of the Warrens Roundabout remains uppermost in the minds of those who have to use it since the expansion. The image [click to enlarge] bears two points in red which are areas of the roundabout causing the most problems for motorists. Despite improved road markings, the ignorance and impatience shown by users of the roundabout when crossing lanes  to exit remains an issue.

Engineering Band-Aids Will Not Solve Road Woes

Warrens before the roundabout expansion

Those who listened to the parliamentary debate on a resolution to borrow 35 million dollars from the Barbados National Bank (BNB) earlier this month would have been surprised at the robustness of the exchanges. Unfortunately many of the contributions delivered by MPs and Senators centred on which government was responsible for roads built over the years. Regrettably politicians on both sides of the fence continue to insult Barbadians with the poorakey debate which spews forth from  parliament.

Is it unreasonable for some level of strategic thinking to be applied to the perennial issue of how to improve the road and traffic systems in Barbados? With 130,000+ vehicles on our roads is it a more sensible option to ponder if our narrow and dense network of roads can efficiently accommodate existing traffic flows?  Instead we cut down hundred year old trees, build gigantic roundabouts a la Warrens, create jambusting, triangular roundabouts and the like?

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