‘We Plantin’ progress

How many tress have been planted?

In 2020 the government announced an ambitious and laudable goal to plant one million trees to help mitigate climate impact. Like most projects in Barbados there is little feedback on the progress. How many tress have been planted? What has been the level of participation by the public? Is the planting being executed using strategies to achieve the best outcomes? This is a subject matter covered on BU several times since our inception in 2007.

The blogmaster is painfully aware topics of this nature are not of high interest in a society where ‘drama’ associated with the salacious is a ‘best seller’. However, some of us will continue to promote awareness of these matters because it is the sensible thing for sensible people to do. Why a majority of Barbadians would be unconcerned about nurturing a healthy habitat is beyond the imagination.

The short video posted explains why an approach that creates a biodiversity garden is recommended, and, one that encourages actors in civil society and international partners to work together.

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