Old National Insurance Building to be Demolished

The government plans to demolish the Old National Insurance Building and the adjacent Fire Station to create a park in the city. In related news the Treasury Building will be converted into a “mixed use facility”.It is not widely known that the Treasury Building is another of those “sick buildings”and staff from the Barbados Revenue Authority have been relocated from the Treasury Building to the Building next door.
The blogmaster likes the idea of improving the look of Bridgetown. With the arrival of the Hyatt the government may feel moved to “clean up” Bridgetown on an accelerated timetable.
David, blogmaster

The following was extracted from Thomas Sankara’s Facebook page.

#OLDNISBUILDING Good afternoon, please note I am apolitical and my conscience is not for rent, lease, sublet or hire. Why my silence on matters environmental , busy with school and the maturity of knowing when to speak. Sorry to disappoint those who spread malicious gossip about my silence. William Duguid Ronald Toppin Peter R. Phillips John King David King Arturo Edward Jeffrey Bostic Dwight Sutherland Indar A Weir Edmund Hinkson

When will the sale of the glass doors, glass frames, partitions and other salvageable parts of the building will take place. In case you have forgotten its called #UpCycling and is part of what is known as the #CircularEconomy Kirk Humphrey Dale Marshall. Such a building pre demolition can have materials removed worth hundreds of thousand of dollars and post demolition recovery of metals and debris can reused. Old concrete can make new cement and old metals can make new metals.

This is the taxpayers building and whatever can be sold pre demolition must be salvaged via fire sales. Dominique Tudor Vincent Haynes Heather Cole David Spieler Andrew Simpson

Treasury Building Environmental Report Made Public, READ

The BU household is surprised at the Sunday Sun headline TREASURY SICK. We know circulation numbers have been tanking but to highlight what the trade unions have been asking government to address for many years and treat it as an exclusive? What about the report on the Immigration Building on the Wharf Road? What about the Ministry of Health Buildings on Jemmotts Lane? What about the many police stations and other government building which present an occupational hazard to employees every day of the year?

At the root of the problem is poor maintenance, like the Sewage plants for example.  A read of the Indoor Air Quality Report prepared by REA Envirohealth International reveals that there are proactive steps the government agency responsible for cleaning public buildings can take to prevent deterioration of public buildings but we like to build new building. It is only tax dollars right! The NIS Building in the middle of Bridgetown- a UNESCO Historic sight- remains closed because of the prevailing culture of mashup and build back yet we travel the world be it Washington, London or Amsterdam to sight-see building which are hundreds of years old in pristine condition.