The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation In The News

The new General Manager of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation assumed duties Wednesday morning at its Pine headquarters. Lars Soderstrom was met on arrival by CBC Chairman Leroy Parris and Executive Director David Wright and then was introduced to the senior managers in the Corporation's boardroom - Source:Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation 30/07/2008

The Swede Lars G.O. Söderström is reporting on his Website that he has been the General Manager of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for the last three months. We try to keep on top of the news which affect Barbados but we have to confess we missed this announcement. As always the BU household thanks the BU family member for drawing this matter to our attention. We have to admit though that the Swede’s resume is impressive, on paper! Continue reading

CLICO Insurance Executive Appointed Chairman Of Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Leroy Parris

Prime Minister David Thompson has announced the names of members to 12 other boards

He says cabinet is working assiduously to get the various boards in place so that the essential work of government would continue apace. Insurance executive Leroy Parris has been appointed as Chairman of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, his deputy chair is Jeanette Layne-Clarke. Other members on the CBC board are Peter Boyce, Evette King, Pastor Wesley Dear, Father Clement Paul, Muriel Sealy and the Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s office or his nominee.

Source: CBC

We have always wondered through the years, the criteria which successive governments in Barbados have used to appoint persons to several Boards of management charged with overseeing many of our important institutions. One such agency which has been perceived by the public to have been managed like the proverbial political football is the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). We are inclined to go along with the view that successive Barbados governments have erred on the side of caution by appointing a party lackey in light of the aversion of governments in developing states to relinquish control of state owned information entities.

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Have Barbadians Become So Stupid Or Should We Have Said, Unaware?


For sometime now my wife and I have become irritated during the break for CWC 2007 games telecasted on CBC; to observe the practice of CBC management insisting on televising the soap opera “Bold and Beautiful”. It seems to matter naught that the soap spills into the cricket time and often times cricket is rejoined with play in progress. What is it that we are missing? Are we too uptight or have we become a slave to the North American filth spouted as entertainment nowadays? My wife reminds me of the very popular “Days of Our Lives” which we understand is several years behind the series running in the North America and which has occupied the pre-prime time 6PM slot for many years in Barbados.


The BU family seriously thinks that we have underscored the negative contribution which TV programming has had on our small island state over the years. We have continued over the years to allow successive government to engage in the state sponsored assignation of our minds. As a consequence our tastes and moral fiber have become diluted by the North American hogwash. These are some of the softer issues which we need to hold our leaders accountable. Of course when we say this we will be sure to hear about the right to do this and that under the contribution. Whatever we decide we need to do it soon so that we can put the required safeguards in place to protect it, after all we are a very literate people!