New QCs Wear Silk Instead of Crocus

The blogmaster has many friends who are lawyers, honest and hard working to boot. Like any profession there are a few bad apples that make it bad for the group. In Barbados the lawyer group is visible because it is the dominant profession that comprise the political directorate. Also by the design of how we do business in the country.

Yesterday the Barbados Bar Association (BBA) circulated the embedded communication to its membership which is self explanatory. It was the courteous action for the BBA to take on behalf of the Executive. What the blogmaster has an issue with is how the Rh are QCs selected? We know the QC designation in the past was reserved for lawyers who had demonstrated excellence in the profession over a long period. In summary, one didn’t earn the right to wear ‘silk’ just so.

For ease of reference the blogmaster highlighted three names in red on the document attached to support our scepticism about how QCs are selected in Barbados. Michael Yearwood for example is known mainly for the junior role he plays to Hal Gollop QC in the court, we note Gollop’s QC title was recently acquired. Michael Lashley functioned as a minister for the last ten years and obviously was not permitted to practice law in the period.  What can one say about Monique Taitt? We could have highlight Dribbles as well whose only claim is that he is the husband of the late David Thompson press secretary.

If the blogmaster was a QC we would hang our head in embarrassment after having sight of a few names on the list of those earning the right to wear silk. Clearly the selection process is flawed and is not doing the reputation of the profession any favour. BBA after discharging the obligatory congratulation should raise its voice to question how a few ‘questionable’ lawyers now have permission to wear silk instead of crocus.