Supporting Bobi Wine

I am wondering why the USA Black Lives Matter Movement has remained silent on the killing in Uganda. During your recent riots the whole world stood and solidarity including many on the African continent. Why the silence? Are the lifes of Africans on the continent of any lesser value?

Kammie Holder

The deafening silence coming from Comrades David Denny and David Commissiong and other local pan-Africanists advocates who rode the #blacklivesmatter protests for all the popularity it benefited a narrow agenda are now silent about events unfolding in Uganda. The loud dissenting voice in the person of Bobi Wine real name Robert Kyagulany and his house arrest after the recent election in that country should have triggered an immediate outcry from so-called local and regional Pan Africanists based in democracies like Barbados with a strong African ancestry. Sadly one must conclude that unless the US and UK have reason to protest injustice there is little traction to be had.

Barbados Underground quotes the indefatigable social and environmental commentator Kammie Holder on the silence of our people to what is unfolding in Uganda:

Unfortunately, it would appear the fake protestors are either just not interested or do not understand what they marched for.

It is deliberate the blogmaster decided to focus on political events unfolding in Uganda at this time and not the inauguration of Joe Biden in the US. There is the hope that although our geopolitical influence is limited, we should protest in the loudest way possible given our lineage and the fact we must always try to live vicariously through Africans.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley should not hesitate to use her global platform to lend a voice to the injustice being meted out to Bobi Wine. The irony for Blacks everywhere should be that an attempt by US Ambassador Natalie E. Brown to check on the well-being of Bobi Vine was refused by the Ugandan military.

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Dr. Martin Luther King

The blogmaster extends gratitude to Kammie Holder for highlighting this matter and for calling out the Dennys and Commisiongs charged with showing leadership in matters related to Pan African affairs.