Police Surrender to Wheelie Motorcyclists

The following video may suggest many things to different people. What is suggests to the blogmaster is a lawlessness and indiscipline that is getting close to mainstream behaviour. A situation where authorities seem helpless in the eyes of the public to curb the rot. A situation where a sub element in society has taken civil society hostage. In fact this unattended lawlessness on our roads is channelling what now obtains in the PSV sector. First we ignored it, then we paid lip service to it and now the behaviour has ‘metastasize’ to all segments of society. Have we observed how ordinary motorist are ‘bursing’ through amber and red traffic lights? Parking on side walks and other unauthorized areas? Using cellphones without handsfree etc?

Source: Nation

BU family member John A posted the following eyewitness account of the unbelievable lawlessness we are witnessing on our roads on a daily basis. This coupled with the fact police and government appear feckless.

David I am so happy you showed that video as I saw the idiots myself on Sunday, so let me share what happened.

I was in a line of traffic moving slowly coming into Warrens from the south coast on the highway around 5pm.

When I finally got to Warrens round about it was these idiots who were the problem. They were riding between the Warrens roundabout and the Shopsmart roundabout taking up both lanes of traffic. Bikes on only back wheels, quads sliding from side to side and no cars could pass them. When they got to the Cost-U-Less roundabout they then went back to Warrens. I saw at least 30 of them in Warrens, but also passed another 20 or so on the side of the road by Kooyman Hardware store.

My point is what de ass are the police doing about this? Why must joggers and others using the road be abused by a handful of idiots every Sunday?

I also noticed in the video when they saw the police vehicles they scattered like flies. No doubt none have insurance and few may even have a bike license. This problem has been going on for months on a Sunday, so why has it not been dealt with? They are certain parts of the ABC highway that have rock faces on both sides, hence no escape. Why hasn’t a trap been set for them in such areas?

It is a disgrace that the authorities are so inept when it comes to this issue. It is only a matter of time before one of these idiots kills either a jogger or someone on the road side.

Dam well get up and deal with it!

This island seems to have lost all control over enforcement of law and the message these idiots are sending to others is WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT AND NO ONE CAN TOUCH US.

BU Commenter John A

Barbadians Demand to See The April, 2006 Drawings Detailing The Operations Free Flow Project NOW The Flyovers


“I’m disappointed with the direction the discussion on the “Flyovers” project is taking. It seems as though everyone is focused on the increases in the scope of works resulting in significant cost increases. Everyone has taken the word of George Sidall that there has been a significant increase in the scope of works. I have pointed out on several occasions that the scope of works for the widening section of the contract has not increased significantly as shown on the April 2006 drawings. The increase in cost is as a result either of the increase in cost of the flyovers or an error in the original cost. A significant increase in cost for the flyovers will call into question the feasibility of constructing these structures. Can this stand up to a rigorous cost/benefit analysis. We should soon know the true cost of the flyovers.”

Posted by an Anonymous Commenter of BU

We have our friend, Anonymous, who by his/her writing has hinted that he or she knows a lot more than is being revealed for the moment. The point the commenter is making has to do with the scope of the work which should be reflected in the 3S April Drawings, and used in determining the cost of the Operations Free Flow project. The subsequent change to the cost of the project which has been fed into the government’s propaganda machinery must be evaluated against this background. Our anonymous friend seems to be unequivocally stating that the increase in cost of the project could have resulted from one of two factors or both:

  • Flawed costing submitted by 3S on their original proposal to government or
  • There has been a significant increase in the cost of the flyovers for whatever reason.

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