Thank You Red Plastic Bag

Red Plastic Bag

Red Plastic Bag recently celebrated his 51st birthday and it reminded the BU household how much we admire all he has achieved over a 30 year period. He is a Calysonian who turned ‘professional’ and has been able to make a success of it. No easy task. His brand is well known locally and he has achieved some success outside of Barbados.

What has truly endeared The Bag to many has not only been his commitment to producing good music over a 30 year stretch. It has also been his deportment. We observe how prevalent it is for performers to exploit the demand for smut to gain popularity. Red Plastic Bag has achieved success by adhering to a standard which embodies traditional Bajan values.  He has never deviated from it. The fact he has not made Rihanna millions does not change the fact that he is a success. Thankfully some of us still believe that success is not defined by money.

One of the unfortunate outcomes of Crop Over competitions – which Bag has dominated  – has been how it has negatively shaped public opinion and coloured how many view his achievements. Through it all RPB has practiced his profession in a manner which makes all right thinking Barbadians proud of his achievements.

On behalf of the BU household we wish to congratulate Red Plastic Bag.