Prussians, arm yourself and come!

Chief Education Officer – Dr. Ramona Archer-Bradshaw

From all reports a Mia Mottley government is intent on transforming the education system in Barbados. Although we have observed tweaks on the fringes meant to make the educational experience relevant in a modern global space, we continue to lag in the preparation of Barbadians to be relevant for the global market. More importantly, on the domestic front, we struggle to maintain a quality standard of living for citizens now and the foreseeable future. Local entrepreneurship attracts nothing more than lip service with successfully run locally owned businesses nothing more than a memory, many sold or defunct.

Chief Education Officer, Dr. Ramona Archer Bradshaw. (FP) The time has come for the education system to abandon traditional teaching methods crafted on the premise that students are merely receptacles of information.

Chief Education Officer
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