‘Miss Ram’ Caught Selling Inferior Covid Rapid Test

Miss Ram always find ways to be in the news mostly in an unfavourable light. Her latest flirt with the local newsfeed is that she has been exposed selling an unapproved, inferior off the shelf Covid 19 rapid test at her hardware store Builders Value Mart. A local press report quoted Miss Ram as saying:

Let me do my own research because I like to understand things. I will have to investigate because when I do certain things, I check first. I don’t know where the error has occurred, were they not known or what has come up. But if it is definitely banned and if they have done it, definitely it will go off the shelves right away.

Miss Ram
It is a Chinese manufactured product with the name COVID-19 (SARS-Cov-2) IgG/IgM Antibody Test Kits (Colloidal Gold).

It was drawn to the blogmaster’s attention the product highlighted below is the real macoy which is sold for about three times what Miss Ram is/was selling her inferior imitation.

The question on the lips of onlookers is – why would Miss Ram import Covid 19 rapid test kits during a pandemic without seeking approval or validation from the Ministry of Health? Whose side is she on besides greed?

Ram Mirchandani Forced To Closed Her Stinking Establishment

Mrs Ram Mirchandani (r) on location with Minister of Health Donville Inniss – photo credit: Nation

The decision by the Ministry of Health to direct the owner of Furniture Limited Mrs Ram Mirchandani to clean-up her establishment must be commended. It is an action which is decades late in coming. While it is unfortunate this government had to be coerced into making the decision by citizen lobby, credit is still due.

Over the years Barbadians have marvelled at how Mrs Ram Mirchandani seemingly was allowed to transgressed laws designed to protect. For example, how was she allowed to operate the Liquidation Centre on Lower Bay Street and in the process impede traffic caused by lorries and bobcats engaged in loading and offloading activities in the left lane? What about the hotel at Oldbury in St. Philip built with a Games Room which many believe was deficient if safety and health rules were to be applied? What is the purpose of our regulatory bodies anyway?

To understand what has contributed to Mrs Ram being able to acquire wealth in Barbados, one has to appreciate she is a past President of the Barbados Manufacturers Association and has had a close association with the Barbados Chamber of Commerce. No doubt she has contributed to the coffers of both political parties and the media has long held the lady who wears the sari in awe because of the alacrity she is willing to sue. If you are able to win favour from the political directorate and Fourth Estate then the path is clear to do whatsoever will.

Kudos to Minister Donville Inniss who must have given his consent for the public health offers to make the move.