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Pension Reform for Public Officer a Priority (including Members of Parliament a Priority)

The blogmaster found the comment posted by Critical Analyzer interesting even if provocative. What we can agree is that pension form in the public service- including for members of parliament – must be given a priority. The issue is compounded with the state of the National Insurance Fund that we are left to speculate. Pension Reform as the world tries

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Why CBC/(ICB) and BCC Can NEVER Optimize


Submitted by Cherfleur In two separate court hearings, these two iconic institutions said a lot about themselves. It explains where and why they are where they are in the scheme of progressiveness. BCC –The Chair, no less than Velma Newton, Attorney-at-Law (I am told), advised the Court (through the Deputy Chair, Ms Denny) that the Hand-Book is not contractual. After

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CBC Pension Scandal

Submitted by Cherfleur SOCIAL JUSTICE NETWORK & CLINICS CBC Pension Scandal In the High Court of Judicature – CV 2550 of 2002 In September 2000 CBC paid out the proceeds from a CBC/ICB Group Non-contributory Pension Policy to a named beneficiary. The 2nd Claimant is the rightful heir to the deceased assets. The named Beneficiary, Dawn Abrams-Grazette (defendant), first told

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The Caswell Franklyn Column – Ministers Speak from Positions of Ignorance

Some time ago, I wrote that I did not want this column to become the Dear Christine of Industrial Relations. But I have been inundated by queries about the Public Service (Qualifications) Order, 2016 and since the just concluded Estimates Debate, many public workers and journalists have been seeking clarifications and comments on matters that were raised by members of

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