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Barbados Nurses Take to the Streets, Again

Submitted by Tee White On 17 January, striking nurses from the Unity Workers Union once again took the streets of the capital Bridgetown to press their demands that the government address their long held grievances and abandon its attempts to starve them into surrender. United with one voice behind their slogans of ‘No retreat, no surrender’ and ‘Touch one, touch

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Difficult Conversations – To Strike or Not to Strike

Grenville Phillips

The Barbados Labour Party administration has reportedly asked other political parties to condemn the current strike action by some of our nurses. Solutions Barbados position has not changed on this type of matter – Solutions Barbados does not condemn anyone based solely on the accusations of that person’s accusers. That is fundamentally unfair – and unjust. The following was reported.

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Nursing Program at BCC Falling Short

The blogmaster can recall that in 2010 former Minister of Health Donville Inniss announced a plan to change the nursing program at the Barbados Community College (BCC).  The objective was to ensure that Barbados responded to a shortage of nurses. Who remembers the public outcry when nurses from the Philippines and elsewhere were recruited at the QEH? The underlying reason

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Are Our Key Professions In Crisis?

All professions are important to ensure the productive capacity of the country is firing away on all cylinders. Is is true to say however that some professions can be viewed as being more important than others? BU subscribes to the view in the Barbados context teachers, policemen and nurses represent core professions which are key to building and sustaining a

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