Shine forth America

Submitted by Steven Kaszab
And the Men who hold High Places
      Must be the ones who start
         To mould a New Reality
           Closer to the Heart
           Closer to the Heart”
(thank you Rush)
2020 will be a pinnacle moment within the history of America. So much has to be decided this year don’t You think? We are All surrounded by History being made. The Black Lives Movement, Law Enforcement Reform, Who should run this place called America…the 1% or The People. Is Capitalism the answer or the curse? Can our economy benefit All? When will America take Climate Change seriously? Are all forms of Equality a mere dream? Can human charity win over the corruptiblity of wealth? Will Our Leaders care more about US them themselves?
With this destructive Pandemic upon US ALL, we have been forced to become Better, to change and to worry about others whether that be our family, neigbors, friends or  even strangers. Yet forces within US fight this charitable effort and refuse to protect others. We Fear the loss of something. We Fear any challenge don’t we? We like tradition, the status quo. Anything alien to Us can be challenging indeed, but also up lifting giving US the Power of Unity. Unite for the benefit of All. We are told by the authorities that We are All involved in this struggle against the Pandemic. That is true. Who cares where it came from. This Pandemic will totally ruin 2020 and pass into 2021 unless We take a stand and stand with Our Brothers and sisters, with All of America and the Globe.
America look how far You have come historically? America see what needs to be improved upon. I know there is a lot to consider, and the effort may seem to big to bare. Well don’t complain, don’t let the invisible forces of COVID-19 sway You from what is right.
When I hear the word “America” much comes to my mind. Freedom, The Promise of Equality and Fairness to The Masses. I see neighbour’s helping neighbours, while the many efforts to stop social evils such as poverty, racism, inequality, ignorance continue to be carried out by courageous Americans everywhere. America shines before me as an example of Righteous Power. America has the ability to want, dream, desire and do anything it cares to do.
You can be the Captain
and I can be the Cart.
Sailing into Destiny
Closer to the Heart
Closer to the Heart.
We Canadians look southward to Our cousins in America with hope in Our hearts and minds that America can be All that it can be. Be America the giver of life, the Torch of Freedom and the Hand of friendship.