Adams Castle Development EIA and 200 Acres

It is disappointing Barbadians are not having a national discussion about the Adams Castle Development Inc Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report ahead of the Town Hall Meeting to be held  at Deighton Griffith School Wednesday Jan 28, 2014 at 6:30PM. The Town Hall meeting comes at a time when it is being reported that Thicket and Dayrells Plantations – leased by state agency BAMC  – have been put on the market for sale.

If we scan the landscape of Barbados it does not seem there is planned development of our limited land resource. A good example is the ‘housing development’ under construction at Lower Greys. Whoever came up with the idea to plant prefabricated houses at that location should be made to drink Epson salts for the rest of their days on this earth.

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Barbadians Do Not Care About OUR Land

Senator Dr. Frances Chandler

The attempt to plant houses at Lower Greys provoked several like-minded people to meet at the location to express disappointment with our land use policy.  BU reported on the meeting in the blog Future Trust Meeting At Boarded Hall. BU is pleased to share the speaking notes of Senator Dr. Frances Chandler who was a featured speaker at the meeting.

Let me start by saying that I am well aware that affordable housing is a priority for Barbados and have to commend the present administration for the noticeable increase in housing which has come about in the last four and a half years.

However, I will never agree with taking good agricultural land out of production to be put into housing. Once it goes into housing it is lost forever. And there is no need to do this. I drive around the country daily and I know there is enough non-arable land which could be used .

Also, if we are going to take land out, start with the dry coastal areas which present challenges to farmers-not the fertile lands of St George, St Thomas and so on. The land next to us which is about to be used for housing belongs to Hannays Plantation, one of the best managed and most successful plantations in the island.

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The Assault On Arable Land Continues Under Both Political Parties

Senatorr Dr. Frances Chandler

Senator Dr. Frances Chandler, a respected voice on land use in Barbados

The following message from the Future Trust is being disseminated by BU because there is undoubtedly a big case of relevance. Minister David Estwick has been making a lot of noise recently to gain attention for his ministry. It appears he has been successful in the endeavour.

National Meeting on Agriculture
Date: Sunday June 24
Time: 4pm
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Boarded Hall

Speakers: Dr Francis Chandler, Dr Chelston Brathwaite, Keith Laurie, Mia Mottley

Catalyst: Large area of VERY arable land earmarked at Lower Greys east of the Shop on the right hand side to be put into housing. Land was in food production up to two years ago. Is this the best we can do with our arable land when so much rab land is around?

A few will make lots a money and many will own a home but maybe unable to buy the imported food due to high inflation. We are saying the most arable fertile lands in the St George Valley and St Thomas must be protected from development. When will this encroachment stop? With the Urban Sprawl well entrenched all lands in this 166sq mile dot is marginal.

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