Caswell Franklyn Speaks – LGBTQ+ Agenda Being Promoted in Schools to Minors By Government

Am I missing something, is it that the average Barbadian parent has more regard for politicians than the welfare of their children. When I heard about the so called computer science pre-test and its contents, I was disappointed by the mamby pamby reactions of parents generally. Something as sinister as that test should have awoken that innate instinct that exists in parents of all kinds to protect their young.

I have looked at the questions in what the authorities called a survey and can only conclude that it was a recruiting tool to identify and target vulnerable children. If it were merely a survey whoever administered it should not require the names of the participants. They want to find out: which child thinks of sex a lot; if they are confused about their sexual identity; and then the living conditions. This information alone can easily reveal the identity of the child to target.

To my mind, the survey was designed to identify those children with problems, who would be more likely to be enticed to join the ranks of the LGBTQ+. It could also help to gauge how far Government has to go to implement legislation about gay marriage. This fits into the current administration’s plans to change the laws with respect to buggery. Already, in the last session of Parliament, we have seen Government’s piecemeal approach to changing attitudes of the population about alternative lifestyles. The introduction of same sex domestic partnerships into our laws was just the thin edge of the wedge.

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