Growing Tensions in Iraq and What it Forebodes for YOU

World crude oil price rising

World crude oil price rising

It has come as no surprise to some us the chaos to which Iraq has descended. Former President George W. Bush and his sidekick Dick Cheney contrived to invade Iraq on a trumped up mission to find weapons of mass destruction and the world is now experiencing the consequences of  a dishonest decision.

More idiotic is the criticism which Republicans are directing at President Barack Obama over Iraq when it was former President Bush who signed the Status of Forces Agreement in 2008. One does not have to be a foreign policy expert to have known the problems of Iraq go back hundreds of years given the factionalism which exist in the region. Volumes have been written about the deep distrust which has divided ethnic groups in the region. Why does the USA and others believe it has any credibility in the region to function in the role as peace broker? The so called US Iraq invasion has served to add to the distrust between the groups.  The USA bombed a country which the dwellers believe to be sacred for chrissakes!

The emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Leval (ISIL) or ISIS is a symptom of what will happen in Iraq for the foreseeable future. This will NOT be a quick fix. The boast of the USA that it trained a 30,000 Iraqi army and outfitted it with the latest weaponry has comeback to bite them in the rear. ISIL with a few thousand men have been able to overcome the ‘well trained’ Iraqi security force capturing military equipment in the process.

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In The Protection Of A Cat’s Paw

Submitted by Pachamama

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Today, a website that has known connections with Israeli intelligence is reporting that Qatari and British Special Forces units are already operating in (H)Qoms in spite of the failure of the United Nations anti-Syria resolution on Saturday, as first reported here. Other relevant reports suggest 15,000 Iranian Special Forces (Al-Quds Forces) are on their way to Damascus; that Syria has sent assassination squads to eliminate intelligence and military officials within the Lebanese military/political apparatus (with leanings to the March 14, Hariri led alliance) which considered to be helping ship armaments to the Syrian opposition; Russian is said to have prepared several thousand Spetsnax (Special Forces) for deployment to Syria; the Head of Israeli intelligence has surmised that Iran already has a working nuclear weapon and a delivery system with a range of 10,000 km and capable of reaching the USA, of course they have been making charges like this for 20 years; Turkey has been chomping at the bit for a fight with Syria in order to advance its dubious claim as leader of the Muslim World and rekindle dreams about a resurgent Ottoman Empire.

The soft and hard power of the Persians, who in 1979 started what we now call the Islamic Awakening, has grown beyond the control of Western control. Most importantly, the Americans are currently, it is reported, running Operation Bold Alligator in Florida. It is a war game where 20,000 US Special Forces personnel simulate the invasion of a Persian Gulf country (Iran). What do we have here? What interpretations can be made from this spattering of information? We will argue that the subject maybe Syria but the predicate is Israel – the Zionist regime.

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The Fall of Islam: “Cutting Off The Head Of The Snake” – How The Cost Of A Lamb’s Dinner In 629 AD Still Holds Abysmal Repercussions For Shia & Sunni Muslims Today

Submitted by Terence Blackett



In the late 1990’s, Saddam Hussein sat for [24] tortuous months while almost [6] gallons of his blood was drained from his body as an Islamic calligrapher transcribed and etched [114] chapters of the Qu’ran in his blood. Twenty years on, this blood manuscript continues to cause political and religious polarization between the Shia led government and for some Sunnis though accepting that what Saddam did was haraam (forbidden), others realise the cultural, aesthetic and financial value of such a document. The document which has been locked away for years since the fall of Iraq in the Umm al-Ma’arik mosque is now a sore thumb for the Iraqi government because years of denial and a cloak of secrecy has turned into a spectre of damage limitation. This new Shia government realises that they cannot destroy this sacred text because of the anarchy that would take place across the Muslim world – neither can they ill-afford to open the doors to those Sunnis who will treat Saddam’s sacred blood legacy as divine approval and reverence for a holy text written in the blood of someone who is still viewed as a martyr.

Most Western political scholars as well as Judeo-Christian commentators tend to stay away from serious narratives on the internal religious rumblings within the volatile religion of Islam, fearing that discharacterization and ideological disinformation could result in “Fatwas” and the polarizing incendiary media protest we have all witnessed when the prophet Muhammad or Islam was brought into the spotlight with any negative connotations attached to them.

This modern pretext was already etched in blood by Salman Rushdie in doing the unthinkable by publishing the Satanic Verses in 1988 and the backlash which that revelation created and how it lasted for a decade or more. Since then, it has been one thing after another. Most notably has been recent revelations by Wikileaks which showed unequivocally the dissimilitude which exist within modern Arab tribal and religious politics and the complex nature of how war, infighting and civil instability between Muslims since the 600’s have shaped the current state of modern Muslim relations in the Middle East and around the world – where different strands of Islam are practiced and the increasing tensions which still exist between the [2] major groups, Shia and Sunni.

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Nation Newspaper Breaks Blackwater Story Almost Eleven Months After Original Story

The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill describes the rise of Blackwater USA, the world’s most powerful mercenary army.

Blackwater in Barbados?
Published on: 8/24/08.


BLACKWATER WORLDWIDE, one of the globe’s best-known but highly controversial security companies, has established a corporate presence in Barbados. That’s according to the Guardian, a leading British newspaper and online news service published in London. It told its readers that the United States company, which has found itself embroiled in several controversial and deadly incidents in Iraq and Afghanistan, has established an offshore company, “Greystone Limited,” in Bridgetown.

Source: Nation Newspaper

We don’t intend to bore the BU family by continuing to bash our friends on Fontebelle but when a BU family member sent us the heads-up this morning, we could not resist sharing. The Nation newspaper highly decorated US correspondent Mr. Tony Best has highlighted in his Sunday Sun column today, the Blackwater connection to Barbados. The BU family can have a read for those who are not aware of the connection. It is a story which Mr. Best gives credit to the Guardian newspaper. Continue reading