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Not so fast Mr. Minister Abrahams!

Submitted by Women in Action – 21st September, 2022Press Release In acknowledging the presentation of the findings coming out of the departmental enquiry at the Government Industrial School (GIS), Women in Action Network (WiAN) is calling on the Minster to slow down and get it right or resign. The report shared with the public was slathered with recommendations covering up

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Dodds Accused of Failing ‘Deviants’

The blogmaster congratulates Voice of Barbados for keeping the issue of a dysfunctional Government Industrial School (GIS) in the public eye. Barbadians are known for having short memories. The outrage expressed by callers and panelists on the ‘Return to Dodds‘ show hosted by veteran journalist David Ellis is merited although it maybe a case of appeasement for the sake of

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Don’t Mess with Our Children

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (friendly version) states at number 19 heading among other others of equal importance that: Protection from Violence – Governments must protect children from violence, abuse and being neglected by anyone who looks after them. UN Convention on the rights of the child In recent days Barbadians have been expressing outrage in response

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