Combermere School Update: Failing Leadership the Cause

Vere Parris, Principal of Combermere Secondary School

Vere Parris, Principal of Combermere Secondary School

The Combermere Secondary School is one of the oldest in Barbados and has accumulated a reservoir of goodwill through the years –the envy of many. It pains the BU household – littered with Combermerians – to observe the public spectacle being played out at the school in the past year. The revelation by staff, parents, students and others that there is an environmental concern in the form of a stench has exposed the lack of leadership at the Waterford compound and by extension the ministry of education.

It is known that Principal Vere Parris does not command the respect of the school personnel in a manner to make ‘Joe Clarke’ proud. He is considered a weak and sniffling headmaster who avoids conflict at every opportunity. Under his watch the high standards at Combermere that historically fed the reservoir of goodwill have been sliding. The Common Entrance pass mark to enter Combermere is exceeded only by Harrison College and Queens College. The point: the school receives some of the best young bright minds from the primary system to mould and should be able to compete with the best. The school has been failing to deliver.

The ministry of education updated the public this week, maintenance work is currently being carried out at the school and the expectation is that reopening of the Waterford University is imminent. This is good news especially for the students preparing for CXC/CAPE certification. Unfortunately It is reasonable assumption to make that CXC productivity at the Combermere Secondary School will dip next year.

The BU household expects the interpersonal conflict all and sundry know exist at the school is also addressed with the priority it deserves. The job of educating our children is serious business and all stakeholders must be held accountable by the ministry of education. If one were to judge from how the Alexandra Secondary School matter was dealt with it leaves one to question the competency of ministry personnel. We live in hope!

The other issue BU is not comfortable and will search out clarification is the postulation by Principal Vere Parris that sabotage is to blame for the recent event at the school. Principal Vere Parris admitted on October 7, 2016 the wells on the compound were sealed. The fact the wells were seals confirms to the doubting minds there was an environmental issue. We are aware that complaints about the stench were known from Week 1. Further, after the wells were sealed it is also known there was no abatement of the stench or complaints.The clarification being sought by BU is how do we filter that there was no abatement of the stench based on reports after the wells were seals and the Principal’s spouting in the wind of sabotage. The BU household is reminded of the claim by minister of finance Chris Sinckler in parliament that he had received a death threat.

One wonders if the docile headmaster Vere Parris is being played, the objective, to deflect blame form those most deserving –the ministry of education.

Solid Waste Management Gives Government a Black Eye

The following extracted from David Spieler’s Facebook page, he is an environmental activist.

Denis Lowe, Minister of the Environment

Denis Lowe, Minister of the Environment

Here’s a letter that I sent to Barbados Today. I am publishing it myself, Without Prejudice

Dear Sirs/Mesdames

I write to add comment on the Barbados Today’s editorial of 31 July re Denis Lowe, Solid Waste, and the sending home of the SSA workers:

The management of ‘solid waste/garbage’ in Barbados has become a major embarrassment to the Government of Barbados and a millstone to us. We are now at a stage where we are able to reduce, reuse and recycle 70% of our garbage by sorting it; very happy to say, yet the Government of Barbados has entered into some major contractual agreements necessitating unsustainable finances. Let’s have a look:

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Why Rush To Waste-To-Energy Plant Instead Of Recycling?

Submitted by Kammie Holder

Minister Denis Lowe

I am all for development of alternative sources of energy but not if a dioxin spill is possible. I am attending the premiere of the Climate Change Film Series entitled “Partnership for Resilience” at the Hilton. This film series is sponsored by UKaid, CaribSave, British High Commission Bridgetown, and Australian AID. The Honourable Dr Denis Lowe spoke to a low carbon and green economy. What have me puzzled in another breath the Minister speaks of a Waste to Energy plant where garbage would be burnt to generate energy.

A Government Senator has informed me that this $400 million plant will be using brewery mash and animal offal as feed stock. Thus I need to ask the under mentioned questions.

Why no partnership exist whereby householders can have 1.5kwh Solar Power plants at US5,000 with this $400 million?

Can someone find out from the environmental Minister if a low carbon economy does not mean Carbon Dioxide reduction?

Does not increased Carbon Dioxide lead to increase acidity of seas which is causing bleaching of coral leading to the death?

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