Younger Barbadians Advised to Protect Against the Virus

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Attached are charts for week ending 25th June.  The big news is that at the end of that week there were a few spikes that slightly blurred the successes of the past 6 months.  However, there does not appear to be cause for any panic at this time as larger spikes have been contained previously.  The watchword is now for everyone to be scrupulously compliant with the existing established protocols, especially masking up, and to take up the available vaccines asap.  The active charts for the other Islands continues the trends observed over the past few weeks – Source: Lyall Small

In an impassioned plea at yesterdays COVID 10 Press conference  (26 June 2021) Dr. Corey Forde, infection specialist with lead responsibility in the battle against COVID 19 advised unvaccinated Barbadians to come forward and be vaccinated. Of interest is that he revealed a younger Barbadian with no underlying medical condition is being diagnosed with more frequency.

The thrust of the recent update is a response to an understandable complacency being observed after weeks of recording negligible cases.

Although the vast majority of people infected with COVID 19 do recover, the stress it exerts on a fragile economy, healthcare system and quality of life for some infected with the virus makes it an urgent requirement to comply public health protocol i.e. regular washing of hands, wearing masks, physical distancing etc. Ideally all Bajans are asked to be vaccinated against COVID 19 which is the best solution science guarantees.

As the country opens up to receive more tourists, especially from the UK where the Delta variant is present, the most important form of defence against the virus is for Barbadians and residents on the island to take responsibility for what is required to effectively fight back the virus.  If we do not, we will have to live with the consequences.