CoopEnergy – Response to Coop Concerns

CoopEnergy has no authority, and no interest in ‘making decisions’ about the investment of Credit Union funds in this project.

We welcome the intervention by our brother Ashton Turney, who have raised a number of concerns that we are sure have been echoed by others in the co-operative sector.

The Co-operative Movement represents a unique organizational concept that operates on seven principles of open membership, member control, member economic participation, autonomy and independence, member education, cooperation among cooperatives, and community concern.

When CoopEnergy was conceived and registered back in 2019, it was by a number of highly respected and experienced leaders of the sector who all fully appreciate the concerns raised by Brother Turney.

Then president of the League, Mr Hally Haynes was chairman of the Steering Committee and that committee included other former officers of the league as well as current leaders of other co-operative societies, who all fully understand the concerns raised, and who therefore took
deliberate actions to resolve those concerns.

Read full reply from Chairman Trevor Browne of the Cooperative Coalition

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