Privacy Pros & Cons

Faris Al Rawi, Attorney General

Faris Al Rawi, Attorney General

The recent high-level of public concern over the SSA Amendment Bill was of limited concern to me, until I started listening properly. In the event, the proposed law was passed by the Parliament and there is some threat from the Opposition of a lawsuit to test its constitutionality. We will see.

Two very interesting stances surfaced during the heated debates and it is at these kind of moments that I sometimes think of our so-called political divide. Those were the Right to Privacy stance disclosed by the AG and the private briefing of Parliamentarians as a legislative tool.

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CL Financial Bailout – Duprey’s Gambit

Afra Raymond

Afra Raymond

Last week we learned that Lawrence Duprey and his fellow CL Financial shareholders are victims of a badly-handled bailout. According to the Duprey version, the State must halt all asset disposals a…

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Everything but the Truth

This blog by Afra paints a picture of the challenge ordinary citizens are likely to encounter even if Freedom of Information laws are active on the books. How can we describe our islands as governing using a democratic system and our members of parliament – servants of the people – show commitment to the money class over the populace who they are mandated to serve?

Have we had the same obfuscation and lack of transparency in Barbados regarding the CLICO Affair as well?