Sweet Sunday Sermon- The Doctrine of the CHURCH

Submitted by Dr. GP

The Bajan landscape is filled with church buildings of all types, from little wooden buildings to old stone buildings with their Gothic windows; and most Bajans have attended church services from their youth. But really a church? Is it the building or is it more than that? What does the Bible say about the origin, officers, organization, and ordinances of the church. Today, in THE DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH, I summarize what the New Testament teaches about these things. I first learned about these things in a local Baptist church way back in 1970 in a course called GREAT DOCTRINES OF THE CHURCH. At that time we read the Systematic Theology text by T.G. Evans.  One can also imbibe these truths by reading Systematic Theology texts by Thiessen or Chaffer’s.

church doctrine

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