Central Banks: The Biggest “Scam” in Human History – How Blue Blood-Lines Still Seek to Control the Souls of Men

Submitted by Terence Blackett

Those who do not want to hear of ‘Conspiracies’ are those who are already a part of them…” (Anonymous)

The first “Satanic Verses” was the ‘Constitution of the United States’. Many will be perturbed by this rather obsolescent poke at a document that is considered of a divine origin, however, before a single stone is cast – hear what has been said by nobler souls.

In the book, “50 years in the church of Rome” (1886), page 283, by Charles Chiniquy – he states: “Long before I was ordained a priest, I knew that my church was the most implacable enemy of this Republic. My professors… had been unanimous in telling me that the principles and laws of the Church of Rome were absolutely antagonistic to the principles which are the foundation stones of the Constitution of the United States of America” Similarly, in the book, “The Dollar and the Vatican”, (1950), page 26, Avro Manhattan cites: “The Vatican condemned the ‘Declaration of Independence’ as “WICKEDNESS”… and called the “Constitution of the United States” – ‘A SATANIC DOCUMENT’…

For the Catholic Church to make such an egregious pontification against such an ‘Infant nation’ was in hindsight a “FATWA” upon that lamb-like nation that arose during the 1700s, and remains in place until AmeriKKKa is either overthrown from within or from without. This assault upon the walls of the Bill of Rights (1st Amendment to the Constitution) empirically states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

So for this new Republic, (NOT DEMOCRACY), to create such “FREEDOMS” was antithetical to the long-held beliefs that permeated throughout Europe and beyond for 1260 years of “Dark Ages” Papal supremacy. It was blasphemous to even suggest that individual autonomy over one’s person, finances and/or religion, could now be indemnified in law – allowing for the free exercise of civil liberties, as well as liberty of conscience, in matters that were for more than a 1000 years, hogtied to the deep, dark, and dungeonesque walls of the Vatican. Something had to be done and so a plan was hatched to subvert the moves of Protestant America.

Enter the mercurial, mercantile Blue-Blood Families of kings & nobles, who from 14th century Europe, under the auspices of the Popes, began to germinate socioeconomic and reLIEgious policies that would bring the entire world under the dominion of the Catholic Church, through its central banking schemes. Thus began the efforts in 1407, to consolidate vast public debt (during the pandemic Black Death); rising international maritime trade, and the minting of gold & silver coinage, which had been escalating due to the war with Venice, for trading and financial dominance.

Before the Medici family rose to socioeconomic and reLIEgious power in the early 15th century (producing 4 popes: Leo X, Clement VII, Pius IV & Leo XI), and their gene pool having been mixed into many of Europe’s royal families, including the British monarchy – the work of financial consolidation took on wings. However, the last Medici ruler died without a male heir in 1737, ending the family dynasty after almost 300 years, leaving somewhat of a vacuum.

While other prominent families like the Peruzzi family, who was one of Florence’s two premier banking families, (alongside the Bardi’s), that helped pioneer the modern world of banking. The Bardi’s, the Peruzzi’s were eventually bankrupt by a combination of King Edward III of England defaulting on a sizable loan and the breakdown of trade resulting from the 100 Years’ War, inadvertently paving the way for the rise of the Medici family dynasty. The Bardi’s, Peruzzi’s, Medicis, & the Boccanegras who established what was the world’s “FIRST” steps towards Central Banking – (the Bank of Saint George Casa delle compere e dei banchi di San Giorgio) in 1407. Sweden however, would take the title, becoming the first nation to have a functioning central bank by 1668.

Florentine merchantbankers were also simultaneously dominating both international finance and the incredibly lucrative collection of Papal taxes; as a result, the largest Florentine companies were able to make extensive loans to the English crown, secured by income from English duties on the export of wool.” (Reinert & Fredona 2017)

After the demise of most of the notable European banking families, central banks were to be amalgamated into a socioeconomic body politic by the Roman Catholic Jesuits, under the auspices of the Rothschild family dynasty, which was the only Blue-Blood Family left standing with the clout the Vatican could use as cited in the book “Vatican Billions”.

Central banks became monopolies on money-changing, money manipulation & money control. Before these banks existed, competition was largely a healthy fiscal practice between individual banks, (although fractious in nature with booms & busts), the customer was always king. Today, central banks are used by governments to borrow vast sums of money under the guise of the “Public Good” (a misused and abused utilitarian concept), to operate under vast financial debt and profligacy that has to be paid back on the back of cruel monetary taxation measures, man-made exploitation and squeezing the life-blood out of innocent, docile citizens, who are clueless to the shenanigans being utilized by our so-called, selected poLIEticians, representatives and officials.

With that benchmark in mind – let’s begin!

Central banking is “THEFT” and “Highway Robbery”. Almost every nation on earth is run by central banks. Paper money as a medium of exchange is dubious, faulty and downright insalubrious (and now instead of paper money – it has been replaced by plastic bills peddled as cash, used as the lowest common denominator).

Every country on earth is swirling around in a pig-pen cesspool of stinking debt. Current debt levels remain patently unsustainable given the default rates, and after 615 years of “LIES”, ‘SPIN’ and ‘Manufactured Crises’ by the #MONEYCHANGERS, (#Basterds whom Christ had to beat out of the temple in the days of Annas & Caiaphas) – the high priests: (2 Popes who reigned then in Israel), and typologically analogous, we now see (2 popes in our world today – Jorge Mario Bergoglio & Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger) that has forced fed the inhabitants of earth to live in perpetual DEBT; on unpayable CREDIT*, stimulus handouts & peasant wages – drinking the wine of Babylon the great, to its very dregs, and enjoying its poisonous taste.

When King Edward III of England defaulted on that sizable loan he took from the Genoese banksters, did it not cripple Italy? Today, if AmeriKKKa needs a billion dollars, she issues a “bond” for the amount and hands it over to the FED*, who then writes a ‘note’ and hands it over to the Dept. of Printing & Engraving. In 2 weeks, the finished bills are sent over to the FED (who then writes a cheque for $2,000) for printing money out of thin air, on useless paper, (as there is no “GOLD” to back these notes) – then loans the useless money to the US GOV. with US citizens picking up the interest tab, each year for the life of that loan. So in principle, the FED puts up $2000 and makes whatever the interest is on $1 Billion, over God knows how long! This has to be the greatest “SCAM” in the history of mankind and it is called “JESUIT INTRIGUE”… This happens in Britain, Europe and even in small island states, like BARBADOS!

Central Banksters are making money every which way! Their most profitable enterprise is war. Do you think it was chance or happenstance that following a “PlanDEMIC”, we saw a war on the European continent after 77 years – given the destructive nature of #WW2? This is more Jesuit theatre and financial exploitation by the Jesuit banksters under the aegis of the Blue Bloods that run our world – namely the Vatican banksters: “The Rothschilds.

The world’s inhabitants have learned “ZERO” from history! Thomas Jefferson warned what a central bank would do to AmeriKKKa in stating: “A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberty of the people than a standing army…” (The Writing of Thomas Jefferson, Volume X, p. 31) Jefferson knew that with that type of fire-power, the bankster’s cabal could control lawmakers whenever they wanted to, the #MSM, the billionaire class and all others.

Like Jefferson, Andrew Jackson’s argument was eerily similar: “Controlling our currency, receiving our public monies, and holding thousands of our citizens in dependence, it would be more formidable and dangerous than a naval and military power of the enemy…” (Herman E. Kross “Documentary History of Banking & Currency in the United States: Volume I” [p. 26-27])

Abraham Lincoln, like his predecessors understood the insidious nature of the Rothschilds and Jesuits infiltrators who were a destructive power to his people and in the end he suffered the Jesuit assassin’s bullet. AmeriKKKa was bleeding profusely after the Civil War! Everything was on tender-hooks. Many had been skewed. Lincoln, like the others knew that as Lenin had said: “that the establishment of a central bank was 90% of communizing a nation…” (Fritz Springmeier, “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” [p. 268]) But this was the plan of the Blue Blood elites – as is said: “when a man is down, you kick him.

From GOVs, to the #MSM, every social bastion of control was in the crosshairs of the Jesuits and the Illuminati-controlled Rothschilds. The long march of monetary history that spans over six centuries bring us to an evolutionary period in time where the world is about to experience a total manufactured engineered collapse and implosion of the world’s financial system as we have known it. The architecture for its replacement is already here and in place. Do not be fooled or hoodwinked!

By 2023/24, the move towards “Building Back Better” will be based on “CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCIES”, as the global economy is ripe for an economic earthquake of Biblical proportions, according to a sleuth of monetary (‘prophets’ – that should be spelled “PROFITS”). Mercantile trade having moved from gold coins and the gold standard to more complex fiscal vagaries for international trade, commerce and business dealings, meant that monetary instruments took on a whole new world of intrigue, supplanted by the banking families of Europe & AmeriKKKa, whose sole goal was compliance and exploitational profitability, by any means necessary.

While the world was “Sleep-Walking” (POST-PlanDEMIC) – unravelling like Lazarus from the bed-clothes of 2 years of arcane stupor, the Biden Administration hid (in plain sight), a seemingly innocent “EXECUTIVE ORDER” #14067, a potentially radical reform bill that threatens the financial security and peace of millions of Americans but with insidious ramifications for the world as will be explained in the below VT by Jim Rickards.

This Executive Order was signed on March 6th, when no one was looking, (the law of distraction), and its implications have major support from massive corporations and organizations like #Visa, #MasterCard, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and many more.

The current World Economic Forum (WEF) sponsored, lackey candidate for British PM – Rishi Sunak, made a video in Oct 2021 about the move towards “CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCIES” (CBDCs). The effects of Biden’s Executive Order give impetus to Sunak’s pitch and could be felt as early as next year (2023), with Britain adopting it not long after, which would mean two things: (1) TOTAL WORLDWIDE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE (2) The “COMPLETE CRASH” and disappearance of the US Dollar & the Pound Sterling with all other countries including the EURO-Zone following suit!

Financial guru Jim Rickards, a former White House insider, who helped craft the ‘Petrodollar Accord’ and hosted the first-ever financial war games for the Pentagon, is sounding the alarm and has put together a comprehensive dossier on the full effects of this Executive Order, as well as how to help protect your savings (as millions will be crushed, wiped out & left destitute). Many sceptics and others now believe that this is the systemic architecture that has already been implemented by China & North Korea (under the guise of what is called “SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM”) which many of the faithful also believe is the architectural precursor to Revelation, chapter 13, verses 16 – 18 (THE MARK OF THE BEAST CRISIS), WHERE “no one” WILL BE ABLE TO BUY OR SELL WITHOUT THE MARK!

CBDCs are still an enigma to most. It’s now necessary to have knowledge at your finger-tips, as Britain, America, EU & others will be bringing to bear this final stage in the long protracted financial evolution in the “USE”, “CONTROL” & “MANIPULATION” of “YOUR MONEY”.

The world is on a precipice, and while far too much partying goes down on the bow of the Titanic – the others quarrel for bread and circus; given the last throw of the dice is imminent and yet few are cognizant; so the majority withers away in comfortable darkness, oblivious of what is coming down the pike! This is domination like never before. This is it, folks!

Semper Fidelis

Investment, Inequality and Coordination Between Governments and Central Banks

Reproduced from caribbeansignal.com 

Source: DelisleWorrell.com

The International Banking Seminar held on October 20, following the conclusion of the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank, was an occasion to reflect on the main concerns of the international financial community. Three issues stood out in the presentations at the seminar: the lack of adequate investment globally, particularly in infrastructure and projects to reverse the worsening health of the environment; the absence of policies to address global inequalities, despite much hand-wringing; and the need to coordinate the policies of Governments and their central banks.

Financial markets are flooded with money, but there is little investment in infrastructure and improving the environment
The trade disruptions caused by the aggressive tariff policies of the US administration, and low and negative interest rates were cited as the main reasons for the lack of interest by private finance in investment projects. The backlash against globalisation, most clearly manifested in the Brexit referendum, has worsened the general sense of uncertainty. Anyone investing in a hotel in Barbados or an ethanol plant in Trinidad will be expecting to attract an adequate rate of return on their investment. The imposition of new tariffs, fluctuations in the rate of exchange, setting up of new borders and erratic movements in commodity prices, all raise question marks about the demand for products and services, and the prices at which they may be sold. In these circumstances the typical investor will hold off investment until prospects become clearer.

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DeLisle Worrell: Investment, Inequality and Coordination Between Governments and Central Banks