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The Grenville Phillips Column – Hero or Villain

I have been repeatedly pressed to declare how well our Prime Minister performed during tropical storm Dorian.  No matter how many times I have responded, the requests keep coming.  To avoid further requests for a comment, my full response follows. As the storm approached, our Prime Minister: explained the situation, encouraged people to prepare, closed businesses at a reasonably time,

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Good News – Foreseen National Misery Can Be Avoided

After assessing the damage caused to buildings from Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria, witnessing the heart-breaking misery of those who have lost so much, observing unrestrained looting of non-food items, and experiencing the halt to all national economic activity, I have returned to Barbados more convinced that we can avoid the foreseen national misery if we choose to. The

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Where Is The New Building Code?

Submitted by Wright B. Astard How quickly we forget. When the Arch Cot tragedy struck a relatively short while ago many were abhorred by how easily the home collapses, as if there were no steel or badly placed steel in the supposedly reinforce concrete, not to mention the actual location of the site. The buzz word at that time was

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