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Questioning Buccament Bay Resort

Submitted by Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green. August 17, 2020 I am questioning Buccament Bay Resort because no one else is. Vincentians think it is great, yet those previously employed there will get nothing, nada. Those farmers and suppliers of fruit and vegetables, fish, and meat, will get nothing either. But the government will get all its taxes that were owing by

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Did You or Milo Tell Them Comrade?

Submitted by Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green Have Sandals been told the truth about Buccament Bay Resort? I ask the question because Ralph Gonsalves may just have forgot. Nothing to do with mendaciousness although that did cross my mind. So, did you tell them, comrade? Have Sandals been warned that Buccament Bay Resort sits on an ancient and historic flood plain which

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Pissed Off Investors Take Harlequin To Court In St. Vincent

A recent article carried in the echo-news.co.uk paints an unflattering picture of Chairman David Ames Harlequin Group and his quest to build luxury resorts in the Caribbean and Brazil. The report claims to have identified 6000 investors who have decided to ask for their money back. In nearby St. Vincent some investors have joined contractors and suppliers to take court

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