Lewis Hamilton Shifts to Top Gear

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton – Formula 1

One positive coming out of the Top Gear Festival to be hosted in Barbados next weekend is the participation of 2008 Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton is following the script nicely after winning a fourth straight race in Spain today to move to the top of the drivers points tally one week before the Top Gear festival.  The Barbados Tourism Authority despite the huge embarrassment committed (Call for Jeremy Clarkson to be FIRED) by host Jeremy Clarkson who uttered a racist remark, Barbados maybe able to leverage the event to boost its standing in the minds of potential travellers given the enormous negative and positive publicity generated to date.

There is little doubt in the BU household the majority of spectators visiting Bushy Park next weekend do so for one reason, the coming of LEWIS HAMILTON. It is ironic that Lewis comes from a mixed background, a Black Grenadian father and White mother and is the only Black driver on the Formula 1 circuit. Let us hope the irony of it all is not lost on Clarkson and others of his ilk.

Barbados welcomes you Lewis Hamilton!

No Thanks Jeremy Clarkson

Local authorities including the media remain  understandably silent about the the racist comment uttered by Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson. He was recorded muttering the nursery rhyme ‘’eeny, meeny, miny moe catch a nigger by he toe’.  After  vigorously denying he used the nigger word lo and behold he was persuaded to publish an apology. The reason for the silence in Little England is explained by tourism officials expecting great things having contracted to host the Top Gear Festival in Barbados on May 17 and 18. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton of Grenadian parentage is billed to participate. No way the Barbados government wants the festival to be cancelled.

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