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Barbados Economic Performance for Quarter 1, 2015

The Governor of the Central Bank Delisle Worrell delivered his review of the performance of the Barbados economy for first quarter, 2015. Governor has hitched his hope to the tourism wagon, so far it has worked for quarter one. However BU’s interest remains fixed on a decline in exports, increase in public sector debt as a % of GDP and employment indicators and international reserves are at 2013 level.

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Will Minister Chris Sinckler Bring Tidings of Great Joy?

The Christian festival of Christmas is the time of the year Barbadians join many across the globe to become immersed in the spirit of the season.  Psychiatrist suggests human beings need ways to relieve stress. Whether Christian or Infidel the season is used to promote frivolity, show kindness; reach out to the less fortunate, spread good cheer. The decision by

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