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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Tourism Product Needs a Coat of Paint

While the early indications are that our economy is showing some signs of recovery, I still believe our most potentially challenging obstacle remains the inability to effectively implement. In theory it may be great to have large boards considering all sorts of possible ways to improve how we do business in tourism or any other sector, however, unless these groups

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Time to Professionalize the Tourism Industry

I hope that one of the imperatives of the newly formed Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA) in the new year will be to identify and register all currently unlicensed tourism accommodation offerings. Frankly I have never understood how you can ever successfully market any product, in this case the destination, without knowing what ‘our’ room inventory consists of. I will

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Night Shopping Wishful Thinking, Let Us First Do The Analysis!

I fundamentally believe that any new planning or policy directive must be based on fact and thorough research. This becomes even more critical when allocated budgets are under severe pressure while ‘we’ as a country are looking to maximise our tourism earnings. Gut feeling, intuition or speculation may work for some small enterprises but it surely cannot be a prominent

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Barbados Recruits Elms Partnership To Develop Sports Tourism Strategy

The breaking news that “Barbados has commissioned a specialist consultancy to develop a sports tourism strategy for the Caribbean island – Elms Partnership, an international sport and leisure consultancy, has been appointed by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Barbados Ministry of Tourism to design the strategy by undertaking an eight-month study.” – triggers mixed feelings. One does not know if

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Tourism Officials Need To Listen More, Talk Less

Submitted by Adrian Loveridge Back in the nineteen seventies, after working in Canada, I returned to the United Kingdom, taking two temporary non-travel related jobs to establish enhanced credibility for the purpose of obtaining a house mortgage. Both were important learning experiences which I have never regretted. The first was working as a salesman in a branch of a high-end

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