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Barbados Goes on Partial LOCKDOWN

Prime Minister Mia Mottley  advised the country tonight that Barbados will impose a curfew from 8PM to 6AM starting on Saturday 28 March 2020  until 14 April 2020. On a personal note the Prime Minister also shared she will be MIA for a while because her medical team advised her to undergo a medical procedure this coming weekend. Minister of

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Talk About a Republic Merely a Diversion

Submitted by Anthony Davis

Stuart pointed out that for all practical purposes, Barbados was already a republic. A Republican form of government stipulates that those run the people’s affairs should be chosen directly or indirectly by the people themselves. We already do that. Under republicanism, the persons who administer your affairs can serve during your pleasure. In other words, they should only be able to stay as long as you want them to stay Barbados Today

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, please tell me where you will get the money needed to change around everything from the Monarchical system to that of the Republican one?

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No Change II

In its June 5 issue the Nation newspaper published an article with the title ‘Symmonds pokes at NHC’ which has largely gone unnoticed by the public. BU congratulates the newspaper for sharing the story, it serves to confirm the extent to which our system of government is broken. The article highlights an interesting exchange in parliament between Opposition member of

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Tourism Potential

Submitted by Adrian Loveridge While I fully understand all the fiscal restraints Government currently has and the historical and possibly political desire to complete the recently re-named Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Conference Centre, I would like to propose a second option. There is no doubt that Trinidad and Tobago stole a march on the Southern Caribbean by constructing a new conference

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