The Sagicor Thieves and the BCA Fraudster – Ruel Ward and Jefferson Miller Create a WTF Moment

The two main culprits in a scam that defrauded $4 million dollars from Sagicor Insurance company received suspended sentences yesterday in $5 Supreme Court. WTF!

For those who have not been following the case, it goes back to 2005 this matter was bouncing around the local courts. Here is further evidence to support the view by ordinary citizens that there is one set of of justice meted out to the Medes and another to the Persians.

How is it conceivable that an insurance company where millions of dollars are deposited to provide financial security to Barbadians and others beyond our shores is compromised by Ruel Ward and his brother in law Michael Pooler and not a day!

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Tino’s Best Beamer

Tino Best

BU extends commiseration to the Barbados Under-17 CONCACAF Championship football team who was given a drubbing by Canada 8-0,  Canada was the more professional outfit if we accept the report from Frank Gill, manager of the Barbados team. Some will say they did well to have qualified for the tournament, a generous assessment.

We continue to fool ourselves we can prepare local teams to compete creditably on the world stage using an amateur approach. Can anyone answer why Minister Ronald Jones who heads one of the most important ministries continues to be President of the Barbados Football Association (BFA)? If a plausible answer can be found, can anyone articulate then what have been the achievements of the BFA under his stewardship? Has Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart like his predecessor given his blessing to Jones’ Jack Warner twin-style approach?

Local sport is in a sorry state. Although bedevilled by a lack of resources there is also a lack of leadership. Many of the local sports associations have become the playground of political aspirants or the plain ignorant. How many local leaders of sports associations can articulate a short or medium term vision? Instead all we get is squabbling among executive members and sometimes others on the periphery. We may have indeed become educated fools.

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Cricket World Cup 2007 Three Months Later~What Is The Final Tally? You Promised To Tell Us And We The People Have A Right To Know

$300M BILL

Date February 18, 2007



That is a conservative estimate of how much it will cost Barbados to host the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007.

Research done by the SUNDAY SUN has thus far unearthed BDS$316 326 183 worth of infrastructural improvements and projects related to the tournament which have been done, or are ongoing. This tally is based on adding up the cost of announced infrastructural projects, the completion deadlines of which have been set for before the CWC begins, or before the first matches are held in Barbados in mid-April.

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Immediately after the Cricket World Cup Final staged on the 28th April 2007, the officials of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) indicated to the Barbados press and public that tabulation of the final cost for hosting the Cricket World Cup would begin. There was an assurance from Mr. DeCaires (LOC Head) that the task of tallying the millions spent, and of course the revenues, would take about three months.

This is a reminder, the time is up!

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Prime Minister Arthur Attacks The Barbados Cricket Association~How Will The BCA Membership Respond At The Upcoming General Meeting

Angry PM blasts BCA
Web Posted – Wed Jul 11 2007

SOME members of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) as well as Prime Minister Owen Arthur are upset that the organisation is bragging about financial profit, while local cricket and players are being denied the support they desperately need. Speaking to the Barbados Advocate on condition of anonymity, a few members expressed anger that the wrong message was being sent to the public about the BCA’s stewardship.

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The goings-on at the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) has always fascinated the BU household. The latest controversy centres around the statements coming from the outgoing President that the financial health of the BCA is good. The return of the BCA profit and loss account to the black can be attributed to proceeds from the merged lottery undertaken a few years back. At BU we are well aware that the politics practiced within the BCA is as thick as that practiced by the BLP and DLP. Barbadians must exercise the required intuitiveness to understand the war of words which has been shooting back and forth between Prime Minister Arthur and the BCA President Tony Marshall.

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