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The Grenville Phillips Column – Slapping and Patting

The public justification for using White Oak, was that the BLP thought that no Barbadian financial consultant was sufficiently competent to negotiate with our external creditors. That was a shockingly unfair criticism of Barbadian financial services professionals. Having read the White Oak contract, the list of services should be within the competence of any accounting firm experienced in liquidation or

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White Oak and External Creditors: Flirting with Hobson’s Choice

  The blogmaster read the following article over night while perusing the financial newsfeed. Patriotic Barbadians that understand these matters are obviously concerned negotiations have stalled with external creditors. We have to go with communications being dropped in the public space. Commonsense support that it is not unusual creditors will push back against having to take a haircut. Barbadians wish

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Two Man White Oak Making 27 Million from Restructuring Deal

The following article was posted to the Financial Times and will be of interest to the BU family. Discuss for 10 marks.   -David, blogmaster     Barbados creditors fume at ‘absurd’ $27m advisory fees   “London-based boutique, White Oak, in line for payout for work on $7bn restructuring “White Oak’s engagement letter was signed five days after Mia Mottley

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