Misunderstanding the assignment or an act of manipulation?

This should be of national interest and focus solely on Barbados’ Independence.
Submitted by Heather Cole

I am not a big fan of Independence but that is my personal point of view. When I was old enough to understand the differences between the have and the have nots in Barbados, the glamour of independence faded.  It had become a gem without lustre.  Despite my opinion, neither I nor any Barbadian must never forget Errol Walton Barrow’s unsurpassed contribution to the development of Barbados.  None of the institutions he created have been rivalled by any subsequent political leader of this island.  Even I am amongst the approximately 60% of Barbadians today that benefitted from ‘free’ secondary and tertiary education.   Undeniably, I benefitted from his creating an independent Barbados.

Tudor Rose

I write because even I, who have never been a fan of independence, is offended by the display on the East Wing of the Parliament.   I have ultimately reached the conclusion that those who were responsible grossly misunderstood the assignment or made an egregious decision to manipulate the people of Barbados. The official response did not cut it for me.  In fact, it is unacceptable.

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