Putin is a War Criminal!

Submitted by Nathan J Green

Vladimir Putin is a fascist thug of the same class as any low-class without morals or humanity Nazi.

In 1994, Russia signed a treaty with Ukraine promising its sovereignty and protection from war and nuclear attack threats. In addition, Great Britain, the United States of America, and Russia were all joint signatories with Ukraine of the “Belgrade Memorandum on Security Assurances.”

The “Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances” [BMSA] comprises three identical political agreements signed at the OSCE conference in Budapest, Hungary on 5 December 1994 to provide security assurances by its signatories relating to the accession of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). The memorandum was signed initially by three nuclear powers: the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, China and France gave somewhat weaker individual assurances in separate documents.

But what is certain is that Britain, the US, France, Russia, and China all gave Ukraine security guarantees. Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, made nuclear threats, and gone on a war footing and is attempting to overthrow the government, the signatories owe Ukraine the promised protection against Russia. Perhaps that is why Putin will not allow the incursion to be called a war or invasion; he says it is a military action to fight Nazism and rescue the Ukrainian people.

Putin had a trial run at grabbing Ukraine when he took Crimea and got a slap on the wrist and some weak sanctions which had little effect. He conquered Crimea quickly because numerous Russian people within Crimea helped the process. He thought the subsequent invasion on a grand scale of Ukraine would be as easy, a three-day incursion and a smack on the wrist, thinking he would be able to shrug off the sanctions. He was so wrong about all of that.

When the Crimea was grabbed, about 40% of the land was redistributed, much of it going to the Russian generals, and it is said Putin had a booty allocation of 22,000 acres of prime farmland.

The BMSA memorandum prohibited the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States from threatening or using military force or economic coercion against Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. As a result of other agreements and the memorandum, between 1993 and 1996, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons. [Defense Threat Reduction Agency. pp. 101–134, 186. ASIN B01LYEJ56H]

Putin is relying on the cowardice of the leadership of the United States, Britain, and France. He also depends on the friendship and alliance of the Chinese not to interfere in his war or assist Ukraine. Putin did not bargain for the strength of the Ukrainians and their refusal to submit. Putin now warns the world in cloaked terms that he will nuke those who interfere or assist Ukraine. His share of the Ukraine booty is also a conflict in his KGB trained mind.

Instructing the Russian military to attack a sovereign country and to kill men, women, and children indiscriminately is a crime against humanity, a massive war crime. Moreover, the purposeful bombing of civilian infrastructure and housing, hospitals and schools compounds that these actions are war crimes.

His hatred for Ukraine’s head of state, president Zelensky who happens to be Jewish, is one of the aggravated and underlying reasons Putin attacked Ukraine. Under previous Soviet rule, Jews in Ukraine were grossly persecuted and denied emigrating. They were forced to hide much of their religious practice in a society rife with antisemitism and people like Putin. The KGB was trained in the craft of abusing Jews.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, up to 80% of the persecuted Ukrainian Jews left for Israel and elsewhere. Those who remained are elderly and poor. Unfortunately, some others are disconnected from their Jewish heritage, perhaps from the numerous centuries and decades of persecution and slaughter, first by the Christian Church and then the Russians.

Anyone who has never experienced a football game or any sports gathering in Russia will not know how thugs spit on, punch, and verbally abuse any poor black students or anyone different from them attending. Yet, that is precisely the attitude that Putin has bred into him. He has the thug and bully boy behaviour he has tried to control, but now it has bubbled to the top, and he has broken out of his restraints.

In 2017 in Russia, several leading Jews were forced to leave their country of birth after being forced to leave under Putin’s orders, saying they were a danger to the state.

Putin is a thief; his state salary as President of Russia has been tiny, around $135,000 US a year. Yet, he has become the richest man globally in a short twenty years. Every Russian Oligarch had to pay him 50% of their wealth, a wealth that they had stolen from the state at the time of the fall of the USSR. They took over the state-owned companies, mainly by bully tactics, or sleight of hand, companies worth millions and billions for a handful of rubles and a deal with Putin on the side. About half of the Oligarchs are Jews, and those are the main ones that Putin took the wealth from, “give me half, or I will take it all.” They have been a pain in Putin’s side, and most of them live somewhere other than Russia but are still under the thug control of Putin, his chalices of poison can be found on every continent, not just in London and Salisbury.

The thuggery of the man has spilt over into Europe from time to time with the speciality poisoning of those opposed or talk about him. His Kremlin KGB trained killers team has killed dozens of Russian journalists, and you are either for him or die. In Russia, he has all his opponents jailed on pretend charges.

Anyone calling the current invasion of Ukraine a war or an invasion is under the threat of a fifteen-year jail term. Any Russian demonstrating will be scooped up from the streets and get five years of the hard-labour sentence. Things are worse today than during the USSR communist years of atrocities.

Ever since 2014, when president Zelensky was elected, Putin’s dirty trick department has been giving out propaganda to damage the government and work up to more Russian hatred for jews inside Ukraine and Russia. First, they claimed Zelensky was the head of an antisemitic government, remember he is a Jew. Putin now claims that Zelensky’s government is a Nazi organization, that does not figure with a Jewish leader either. Recently captured Russian soldiers are saying during interrogation that they were told they were in Ukraine to fight Nazis. Putin has even openly declared the Nazi claim on TV, and the shame is some of his followers believe him.

All the Jews mainly live in cities have been hit hardest by indiscriminate bombing of schools, hospitals, and private housing. 80% of all damage is inflicted on the people and the essential amenities. Small towns are overrun and looted by Russian soldiers who have no gas or diesel and, by stealing, are emptying the food shops to quench their hunger. They were sent to war with only three days’ supplies and used as Putin’s cannon fodder.

I blame the leadership of Europe and America for allowing the man to continue and by dealing with him knowing he is a thug, a killer, a crook, now a war criminal.

Now Putin is holding the whole world hostage with the threats of nuclear strikes.

The US has got itself a half-witted president, Joe Biden, who hardly knows what day of the week it is. He cannot cope with tying his shoes up, much less the crisis in Ukraine. The Democrats have a collection of Marxist indoctrinated politicians who side with Russia and have stopped the US from producing the oil that America and the world need.

Unless the US wakes up, they will be nuked, and Putin will continue to get rich from the Russian oil and gas bonanza. Playing his game and being frightened fuels his ego and worsens things. Someone has to stand up to him and say, if you nuke us, every country in Nato will nuke Russia, and you in particular. Get a no-fly zone going; we owe that to Ukraine. Heap even more sanctions and hardships on Russia, turn all the taps off as tightly as possible, even a drip is quenching for the thirsty.

Message to America: During the second world war, America only came in when attacked at Pearl Harbor. Up until that time, you sold the allied countries munitions and armaments. The war was being lost, and you were willing to accept that Jews were being slaughtered by the millions. You did not fight until you yourselves were attacked. Please do not play that game again with Ukraine, do not wait until you are attacked before you help those that need to be helped. Money and munitions are not enough. We old people remember the leadership cowardice of that time and how the war was almost lost due to the USA wanting to sell arms but not wanting to put boots on the ground. Today, the difference is that if you are attacked, you may not have a chance to save yourself or your allies because a first strike nuclear attack may well knock you out instantly. It will be nothing like Pearl Harbor where you get a second chance.


Is Russia Ukraine Conflict a Concern?

It is not surprising to hear anti-Russia sentiment being spouted in the Barbados space. Individuals will form opinions based on how they have been indoctrinated. In this part of the world our people are bombarded with western news streams particularly from USA and UK sources. Again, it is not surprising the anti-Eastern sentiment baked into our world view.

In previous blogs the relationship between superpower USA and Israel has been exhaustively discussed. It is no secret the conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for too long with no resolution in sight. It may surprise many under a Black President Barack Obama, US aid to Israel increased to compare with previous administrations. In this space we also discussed the perceived threat by the USA of a Russian presence in the Caribbean or South America. The point is: foreign policy positions of countries is based on geopolitical factors i.e. geographic, demographic, economic, political, defense-security, regional, global and scientific programs (study.com). Countries like the USA, UK, Russia, Germany, Iran including small countries pursue foreign policy positions in the narrow interest. What is being interpreted as Russia’s military aggression on Ukraine’s border must therefore be contextualized.

The Ukraine was part of the former Soviet Union and is strategically located in Europe if one factors that former Soviet republics Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and a few others became full members of the National Alliance Treaty Organization (NATO). A key concern for Russia’s President Putin is- if Ukraine were to become a full member of NATO it will represent a military threat to Russia because the USA via its alliance with NATO will be too close for comfort. There is also legacy concerns which Russia still harbors from the Cold War period of being one people; one language, heritage etc. 

Does Russia have valid concerns? NATO’s policy is that independent European states are eligible to join NATO. On the other side of the issue for Putin, it is in the geopolitical interest of Russia to block NATO’s expansion in Europe especially on its border. The NATO alliance of which USA is a member, guarantees that if any member is militarily attacked, NATO will be forced to respond. To complicate matters there is the Warsaw Pact created before the breakup of the Soviet Union intended to balance power in that region in response to NATO. The spirit of that agreement in the opinion of the blogmaster is alive and well in the Kremlin.

There is also a view President Biden is perceived as weak by world leaders. China has adopted an aggressive posture to Hong Kong and Taiwan, North Korea recently fired two ballistic missiles to force the USA back to the negotiating table. After years of military build up in Afghanistan and thousands of lifes loss that country has reverted to Taliban rule after Biden honoured a commitment to withdraw US troops. How can Biden justify deploying troops to the Russian border? How will Americans respond to Biden administration with midterm elections coming up?

There is also the economic considerations. One example is US threatening to prevent opening of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which took years and billions to build with prominent players from the West. If sanctions were to be imposed by the US it will negatively impact Russia but also Western players. There is also evidence since the Crimean episode, Russia has developed alternative systems to buffer the imposition of sanctions.

The blogmaster is not taking sides, just asking for a fair representation of the issues at play which are complicated and should not be dismissed based on inflated rhetoric influenced by propaganda shaped by one sided geopolitical interest. Russia and Ukraine have been exchanging ‘fire’ since 2015. In simple a view Ukraine is at the centre of Putin’s ‘sphere of interest’, this matter will not go away anytime soon.