The Other Side of the Kingsland Estates Matter REVISITED

BU has received a request for an update to this matter, three years after the case of Nelson Barbados Group Limited v. Barbados and others concluded before the Ontario courts.

From time to time, because this was such a big series for BU and because the final denouement was so shocking, BU has kept tabs on what is going on. So, in response to the request here is what we know that has transpired subsequent to the last report of BU in 2010 on this matter.


In or about December 2011, Mr Allard was appointed a Queens Counsel by British Columbia, hot on the heels of his having donated $12 million to the University of British Columbia to endow “Allard Hall”, a law facility. In making his well-publicised donation, Mr Allard urged that “ethics” in law was an area that he devoutly espoused and hoped to encourage, along with what he called the “smell test”. This caused considerable disparaging merriment amongst BU’s legal eagles and, indeed, the legal fraternities of Canada, the States, the UK and Barbados, all of whom had had the advantage of reading the comments of Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy on Mr Allard’s ethics, or rather lack thereof.

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WireIE Looking To Do Business In Barbados

Robert Barlow, President & Chief Executive Officer

We have been alerted to the fact that there is a Canadian company called WireIE ( ) led by one Robert Barlow (President & Chief Executive Officer) and backed by Rick Tuttle (Chairman), also a Canadian, that is looking to do business in Barbados. Messrs Barlow and Tuttle, it is alleged, have been trying to get into the Barbados market for some time by way of a take-over of AccessOne Barbados, Inc.

We understand that towards the end of this month, Barbados and the region may be welcoming Mr Barlow and his colleague Mr Baluengo to our shores who, it is alleged, under the auspices of the Government of Canada will be attempting to enter our market place. Canadian investors are always welcome, despite the lamentable, inappropriate and misplaced efforts of Canada’s High Commission to Barbados on behalf of Nelson Barbados Group Limited and its financial backer, sole officer and legal counsel. In that case, as many Bajans will recall, Barbados and its prime ministers past and present were legally represented by Mr Lorne Silver of the firm of Cassels Brock – so we carry much goodwill towards Canadian Mr Silver and his excellent law firm, a goodwill that extends to Canada and its people.

So we thank our source for giving us the opportunity to adequately welcome Messrs Barlow and Baluengo to our shores and our business community. We shall follow their progress with great interest and we invite them to share their thoughts and plans with the BU family.