Thousands March to Protest …

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Many come to BU to gauge the political pulse of the country. With a general election on the horizon it is accurate to say the political temperature is rising.

As part of our commitment to the BU family to deliver an informed perspective members of he BU family were embedded in the BLP March of Disgust. Given the reluctance of Barbadians to protest in numbers one would have to give the organizers a pass mark for the turnout if not for content.

Members of the BU household observed people of many profiles –the young, old, babies pushed in prams and held in arms, homosexuals, BLPites, DLPites, independents, Moslems (cloaked in burkas) the disabled, Caucasians, trade unionists and many others.  A word about the Caucasians. We have not seen so many White people along side Blacks since the height of the Cahill protest.

It s evident as we mingle that there is a high level of dissatisfaction at the state of the country  which transcends political affiliation. Barbadians have dented pride and are frustrated and how a country established for punching above its weight has dropped in the rankings if we used 19 downgrades or 22 if CariCRIS are numbered. If 1991 was bad what is unravelling in 2017 appears to be worse.

The question for the Bees –what is your next move!