Whistleblowers to Blow the Whistle on TWA Flight 800 Crash Investigation

Submitted by Green Monkey

TWA Flight 800

Many of us who maintain an interest in aviation related matters will recall the explosion and crash of TWA flight 800 off of Long Island NY in 1996. The official conclusion of the NTSB investigation was that a stray spark in an almost empty centre wing fuel tank caused an explosion of fuel vapour which blew the entire nose section off the aircraft and basically destroyed the structural and aerodynamic integrity of the aircraft in flight, and the wreckage subsequently fell into the ocean killing all on board.

One of the most striking features of this explanation was the discounting of and attempts to discredit the testimony of multiple, credible eyewitnesses who insist that shortly before the explosion they saw a rocket like object rise up from surface level and head off in the direction of TWA 800, or they claim they saw an apparent missile like object hit the plane, then an explosion followed. Not everyone in the aviation community or among the victims’ family members have bought into this explanation by the NTSB, and over the intervening years some have strenuously  maintained that in light of all the available evidence, some of which it is alleged was intentionally withheld from the NTSB by the FBI, the centre wing fuel tank explosion just does not make sense as a cause of the crash, and in light of all the evidence the destruction of the aircraft by a missile strike is the most logical answer as to the cause of the explosion witnessed by observers at the time of the crash.

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