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Regulate Lawyers’ Clients Accounts

The Speaker of the House Michael Carrington has been reported to have significantly repaid monies withheld from a septenarian wheelchair bound client demanded by Madam Justice Jacqueline Cornelius’ court order. The issue of the indiscipline approach to how Barbadian lawyers appear to manage client’s monies must become part of a national discussion and lobby to make better.

While it serves the purpose of the legal profession, including the large cadre who makeup the members of parliament, managing client’s accounts (monies) does not require a rocket science approach. President of the Barbados Bar Association (BBA) Tariq Khan can deny it all he wants, we know lawyers hold client’s monies handed to them for simple to complicated transaction for unacceptably long periods and complaining to the BBA is a joke.

Have a look at the Solicitors Regulation Authority handbook. We claim t be an educated people, we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to educate lawyers so where is our return in value to making our society a better place.

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