A Grenville Phillips Column – Lunacy

Jo-Ann Haigh

She was the most visible demonstration of rare competence during the last DLP administration. Despite everything falling around her (low water pressure, water outages, water leaks, sewage in the streets, etc), she made us feel that the BWA truly cared and were trying their best.

She appeared to single-handedly manage two national crises that were not improving, but getting worse. Yet she performed to a level of excellence that is not normal in the public or private sector of any country on this planet. As Communications Manager, she seemed to be on call 24/7/365 and consistently on point – an impressive level of commitment.

Most persons appear to receive national honours for doing work for which they were already paid to do. If there was ever an exemplar of a person who went far beyond the call of duty in putting Barbados first, and the needs of Barbadians over her own, it was Joy-Ann Haigh. For her demonstrated consistent level of excellence, she was deservedly given Combermere School’s alumni’s Flame Award, normally reserved for persons after a career of exemplary service.

Joy-Ann Haigh was the BWA’s most valuable resource, without doubt. Therefore, it took a special level of lunatic management to place her name on a lay-off list, and incompetence of the highest order to actually send her home.

If such a critically important post is being made redundant as reported, then we have the rare misfortune of witnessing, within the BWA, a demonstration of the next psychological state after madness, whatever that happens to be. We were told to simply elect and watch, well, watch on with dismay.