South Coast Sewage Stink Makes for Political Capital

Dr. Hugh Sealy’s comments carried by the Nation newspaper make for compulsory reading. It is important because he is one of the few technocrats available who worked on the South Coast Sewage plant project team at start up- a plant that is failing and as a result leaking raw sewage on the popular strip frequented by tourists and locals alike from Hastings to Worthing.

The question BU has for our government of 8 years:-

  1. Why was a primary treatment process considered as a “treatment” method for the South Coast plant? Why did the government not see the immediate need on assuming office to integrate a secondary and even tertiary treatment process? Didn’t they tout a waste management plan?
  2. Will the Board of the Barbados Water Authority resign after supporting then general manager Dr John Mwansa’s claim in December 2016 that the manhole covers were being removed and that there was no sewage leaking into the street and sea – read Nation report BWA denial .

Already political forces have capitalized on the issue, see embedded video. It will be an interesting general election to observe how Estwick, Lowe, Boyce et al deal with this matter of effluent leaking on the South Coast road and sea. Do not forget the stench!