Prepare the Body to Fight, Fight, Fight!

The SARs-CoV-2 virus has moved from epidemic (outbreak in Wuhan, China) to pandemic (spread across several countries) to possible endemic (in simple explanation, the virus will constantly exist like the common flu). Some on BU have been advocating priority must be given by public health officials in through reminders to the public – see Dr. Doughlin’s excellent video – Dr Elliot Doughlin – Assisting the Body to Fight Coronavirus.

Along with the mitigation measures individuals constantly have been urged to to adopt by public health officials, it should be obvious equal focus must be given to practising healthy lifestyle choices. Some suggest an advantage baby boomers have compared to others are decisions made around nutrition specifically taking omega e fatty acids.. Individuals from the baby boomer period constantly share stories about being forced as children to take cod liver oil, shark oil and a host of related compounds which continued into adulthood. The promotion of Omega-3 fatty acids is now big business.

The attached presentation titled Benefits of Fish Oil in the Diet is a timely reminder about the importance of fish oil in the human diet essential for maintaining a healthy state in the prevailing climate.

Source: Dr. GP

The blogmaster urges the BU community to ignore a lot of the ignorance being spewed on social media and listen to your doctors. Many persons are recovering BUT with lingering side effects casued by the virus, many people contracting the virus have also died. The full blown effect of the epidemic, pandemic possibly morphing to endemic is the stress it continues to place on healthcare facilities and scarce financial resources especially for small developing states like Barbados not to forger mental health.

hLet us be sensible, there is a reason millions have died or have become chronically sick or psychologically scared.