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The Grenville Phillips Column – Repent

Government Ministers can corrupt a national economy by giving no-bid (or no-tendering) contracts in exchange for bribes.  The participating businesses are normally the least competent in the country, who can only survive by paying bribes to shield them from fair competition.  Their incompetence is normally revealed in the substandard goods and services they provide. The substandard goods normally require excessive

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The Barbados Association Of Professional Engineers (BAPE) Have Some More FREE Advice For Government~Will It Be Heeded This Time Around?

Recently, The Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) have been in the news often. It seems that Barbados has allocated millions of dollars to educating our people only to ignore their free advice when become qualified. It is well documented that BAPE has expressed concerns about the Operation Free Flow Project better known as the flyovers only to be told

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