Deltro Group (Del Mastro): Here We Go Again

Former MP Dean Del Mastro in handcuffs

Former MP Dean Del Mastro in handcuffs

Here we go again!

Even before the Cahill Energy Scam has been forgotten, enters Del Mastro centre stage.

Deltro Group (Del Mastros) is reported to be responsible for constructing a 20 megawatt solar farm on 70 acres of land somewhere in Waterford for which he has received concessions from the Barbados government.

What does Del Mastro’s Solar Farm have in common with Cahill Energy?

Little or nothing is known about the principals of the Canadian Energy company AND what is known is unflattering. The unwillingness of this government to share information with Barbadians who elected them to serve will go along way to secure the legacy of the Stuart administration, one of the most secretive in our post Independence history in Barbados.

BU found it to be embarrassing business to read and listen of exchanges between Dean Del Mastro, reported to be CFO of Deltro Group and local entrepreneur Bizzy Williams. Why is this news if our government led by Denis Lowe and Donville Inniss have not adequately shared the nature of the relationship with these Del Mastro people? Would this type of transaction unfold the way it has so far in Barbados in a developed country?

How insulting to the people of Barbados in the build up to 50 years of Independence. Say Pride and Industry anyone?

A couple simple questions for our government:-

  1. What is the track record of Deltro Group in the solar power business?
  2. What concessions have been offered to Deltro Group by government?
  3. Was due diligence done by the government on the Del Mastros who appear to fit the definition of Politically Exposed People (PEP)?

BU family member Due Diligence unearthed the following blog to support positioning Deltro Group front and centre for investigation by the BU family.

Click the link: I Guess The Barbados Has An Open-Door Policy Toward Felons