Cuba Rising

Posted to the Suck Salt blog

Cuba_TourismMainstream media is describing today’s visit by a U.S. cruise ship to Cuba as historic.

This visit, as well as other events, are a clear sign that relations between the U.S. and Cuba continue to warm up. Recall: 2008 Fidel hands over power to Raul, 2009 Obama Lifts Travel Restrictions, 2015 U.S. and Cuba reopen embassies and Removal of Cuba from Terroism List, 2016 Commercial Flights Restored, and the biggest sign of them all was President Obama’s visit to the island earlier this year.

Should the stake-holders of our tourism industry – government, businesses, and of-course, the residents of Barbados – be worried about The Rise of Cuba As A Top Caribbean Travel Destination? Will FDI dollars follow visitors to Cuba as well?

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