ChatGPT and Education Reform

The following article was posted by Amit to his website titled – ChatGPT’s Guide to Education and Career Choices in the AI Era. It is recommended reading even for the closed minded – Barbados Underground

Amit Uttamchandani

It’s been almost a year since I started using ChatGPT. During this time, I’ve had dozens upon dozens of conversations that have covered a wide range of topics. Many, if not all of these conversations, have always left me pleasantly surprised in terms of its human-like comprehension, understanding and responses (even when my grammar and spelling is less than perfect). However, I know ChatGPT is not a person, heck, even ChatGPT knows that it is not a person. It is not an individual, sentient or self-aware, nor does it posses consciousness like us human beings.

As I understand it, and in extremely simple terms, it is nothing but an enormous set of data stored in a machine (physical machines) with complex software algorithms that use all manner of pattern matching, sophisticated math, statistics, et cetera, to respond to input from a human being in a human like manner. Remember, that was a very simple definition. Not in agreement with me on it? No problem, here’s what ChatGPT has to say: