What is the relevance of this story to Barbados some will ask? It should serve to expose how politicians with power if allowed are prepared to bend the rules. Unfortunately such blatant displays of naked power has become increasingly common place in our world. Another example why John Citizens must not renege on the critical role they must play to keep democracies alive.

The media, we continue to preach, must work with the PEOPLE to ensure we protect the rich legacy which our founding fathers have proudly laid the foundation, Grantley Adams, Errol Barrow and others too numerous to mention. Gets In On The George Bush Bandwagon


George Bush;President and Entertainer,”Childrens do learn”


Boyce Voice is designated pretty much to deal with things that are entertainment based; I leave the heavy political stuff to my blog friends Barbados Underground and Bajan Reporter. But when a president of a United States stands up looks in a camera and utters the statement “childrens do learn”, I feel that has crossed over from political into entertainment which puts it in my domain. This statement was made by President Bush when he was speaking to some school kids at an elementary school recently. As you would know this kind of “green” language is not new to the president in fact there is now a form of language popularized by him known as “bushism”.

Source: boycevoice

We found this article written by Peter Boyce of Madd Entertainment to be hilarious. We thought we would go into the weekend by parking the heavy stuff until next week. So go on over to boycevoice and see what the Maddman has to offer. Just remember if we are to quote George Bush “this is still a dangerous world. It’s a world of madmen and uncertainty and potential mential losses.” 🙂